Brand new Mighty in the box! $300 plus shipping! Ships same day!

2021.09.27 20:43 aplusGrain Brand new Mighty in the box! $300 plus shipping! Ships same day!

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2021.09.27 20:43 eggomyleggo44 Do I need to quarantine if I have a Korean passport?

I am an American born Korean who is traveling to study abroad next semester and I was wondering that since Korean heritage requires you to get a Korean passport for longer stays (which I plan to get soon), will that exempt me from quarantine?
Assuming quarantine regulations continue for the next year.
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2021.09.27 20:43 kebbun A few snippets from media day shoot

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2021.09.27 20:43 Spoilthebunch Someone is helping me with a parody of capitalist liberals

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2021.09.27 20:43 memorytwister Friendship wins in the end.

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2021.09.27 20:43 cypherdeciphered Am I the only one whose mental health takes a huge toll reading the tragic events happening in the world?

I can't imagine how it would be living the lives many people do in this world. I cannot truly be happy knowing there are people on this planet like me who are struggling and suffering, which breaks me down.
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2021.09.27 20:43 LeakLab [Snippet] Swae Lee - Bentley Coupe (prod. Shawn Ferrari)

dm me
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2021.09.27 20:43 conscience_journey Does Everybody Really Hate the Jews?

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2021.09.27 20:43 eastcoastpsychic Psychic & Empath

I have a couple slots left this week (& beyond of course, too). Feel free to DM me for more info!
A little about me! I'm a psychic and empath. But what do those words mean?
For me, it means I often get messages for people about their past, present and futures, as well as how they're doing, and going to be doing, emotionally.
My clients especially come when they're going through transitions. A lot of my clients are very intuitive themselves. I've had a lot of clients, many on Reddit, who have told me it really has such a "healing" flavor.
I use a third eye technique that's unique to me, and I'm professionally certified too. I'm a Certified Spiritual Advisor in Psychic and Healing at the Lisa Williams School of Mediumship.
I see clients of all kinds. I've noticed my returning ones tend to be people who are very intuitive, sensitive or creative themselves, who either like to have spiritual check-ins or who are feeling particularly stuck & can't figure out why. ("Going through some shit," for lack of better words.)
My sessions blend "readings" with "healing." Or some of my clients prefer one over the other. The readings themselves can be deep if you like it that way. Sometimes poetic or symbolic, I often get things that can dig a little bit into a person's subconscious. They might not make sense to me but could connect for you. I read a little into a person's future, and I often get their past as well. In that respect too - my sessions can be very dynamic.
That being said, I'm no therapist. Therapists will help you figure things out for yourself, which is a more self-sustaining tool. If anything, my service can provide a strong hint or an instinct on certain things you are deep down feeling. I have clients who come to me because they like the way I "hold up a mirror" to what they've already been feeling. I have clients who come to me to trust their intuitions even more.
Feel free to look through my post history for writing, or look at my IG - @ gregheals. I have testimonials on my website at, and I explain my sessions more on there too.
I offer significant discounts to students and the unemployed! I won't ask why you'd like or need it. Just say the word, and let's make it happen. Otherwise I currently charge $65 USD / 45 minutes over Zoom.
You can DM me here, on IG (@ gregheals), or reach me at to book a session - or if you have any further questions!
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2021.09.27 20:43 NemesisGXIII [PS4] H: Godroll Trade List (Updated) W: Legacy Offers or Bol Ap Wwr / Sent PA Piece (Will bundle for Legacy)

🔫 Weapons:
AAE90 50 Cal x2 (Not Unbreakable)
AA25ffr15fr 50 Cal
AA25ffr15fr LMG
AA50vhc15fr Fatman
AAE25 Black Powder Rifle
Ari25ffr15fr Enclave (no flamer, no reflex)
Ari25dwa15fr Minigun
AriE90 Black Powder Pistol
AsE15c Handmade
AE15fr 50 Cal
A25ffr90 50 Cal
A25ffr15fr Minigun
A25ffr15fr Gatling Gun
BE15c Gatling Gun
B25dwa90 Flamer
B25ffr90 50 Cal
B25ffr90 Gatling Plasma
B25ffr15c Gatling Gun
B25dwa50drwa Enclave Flamer (No Reflex)
B50cStealth Crossbow
Exe25ffr25 Handmade
Exe25ffr90 Ultracite GL
Exe50cFR Fixer
ExeE15c Handmade
ExeE15fr Fixer
ExeE15fr Gatling Gun
ExeE15fr Handmade
ExeE15fr Minigun
ExeE90 50 Cal
ExeE90 Minigun
Exe25ffr90 Flamer
F25ffr15c Fixer
F25dwa15fr LMG
F25ffr90 50 Cal
F25ffr90 Gatling Gun
F25ffr90 Tesla
GorE15fr Fixer
GsE15fr 50 Cal
H25ffr15c Fixer
IE15fr Gatling Gun
JE15fr 50 Cal
JE90 Gatling Gun
JE15c Fixer
J25dwa15fr LMG
J25ffr15fr Gatling Gun
J25ffr90 Gatling Plasma
J25ffr25 Gatling Plasma
J25ffr90 Gatling Gun
J50c15fr Railway x2 (Not Unbreakable)
Jug25ffr15fr Minigun
Jug50c15c Crossbow
Jug50c15c Pepper Shaker
MuE15c Railway
MuE15fr Minigun
MedE25 Handmade
NE25 The Fixer
NE90 50 Cal x2 (Not Unbreakable)
NE90 Minigun
N25ffr25 Railway Rifle
Q50c90 Fixer
Q50c25 Combat Rifle
Q25ffr90 Gatling Plasma
Q25ffr90 Handmade
Q25ffr15c Gamma Gun
Q25ffr90 Tesla
QE15fr Assault Rifle
SupE90 Gatling Gun
TS25dwa15fr Tesla
TS25dwa90 Fatman
TS25ffr15fr Handmade
TS25ffr90 Auto Grenade Launcher
TS25ffr15fr Broadsider
TS25ffr15fr LMG
TS50vhc25 Auto Grenade Launcher
V25ffr15fr GL
V25ffr15fr GP
V25ffr15fr Handmade
V25ffr90 Handmade
V25ffr90 Ultracite GL
VE15fr LMG
Z25ffr15c Fixer
Z50c15c Fixer
💥 Legacies:
Commander's Charge - (Survival Legacy)
🥊 Melee Weapons:
Lvl 35 All Star Basketball Bat
AA25Dmg+S The Tenderizer
AASS+S War Drum x2
AASS+S Tire Iron
FSS+S Revolutionary Sword
GsSS+S Cultist Dagger
GsSS+S Death Tambo
JugSS+S Machete
MsSS+S Death Tambo
MutSS+S Cultist Dagger
MutSS+S Walking Cane
MutSS90 War Drum
SupSS+S Assaultron Blade
Sup25Dmg+S Bear Arm
TSS+S Ski Sword
VSS+S Guitar Sword
VSS+S Pole Hook
ZSS+S Assaultron Blade
ZSS+S Tire Iron
🛡️ Armor:
Ari/Ap/Wwr Light Robot RA
Bol/Ap/Sent Forest Scout CP
Bol/Ap/Jwr Trapper CP
Bol/Ap/Sneak Trapper RL
Cham/Ap/Sent Urban Scout LL
Cham/Ap/Jwr Urban Scout LA
Cham/Ap/Fdc Combat LL
Cham/Ap/Awr Leather RA
Mut/Ap/Sent Forest Scout LA
Mut/Ap/Sent Marine LA
Oe/Ap/Sneak Trapper RL
Oe/Exp/Sent Sturdy Robot LL
Regen/Ap/Sent Urban Scout CP
Regen/Ap/Sent Urban Scout LA
Regen/Ap/Fdc Wood LA
Trouble/Ap/Sent Forest Scout LA
Van/Ap/Sent Forest Scout CP
Van/Ap/Sent Forest Scout RA
Van/Ap/Sent Forest Scout LA
Van/Ap/Jwr Combat RL
Van/Exp/Sent Leather LL
Uny/Ap/Fdc Marine LA
Uny/Ap/Jwr Heavy Combat CP
🌟 Power Armor
Ari/Ap/Sent Ultracite RL
Bol/Ap/Cav Raider Power CP
Trouble/Ap/Sent T-60 CP
Van/Exp/Cav T-60 LL
⚙️ Mods:
Enclave Plasma Aligned Flamer Mod
Enclave Plasma Calibrated Beta Tuner x3
Enclave Plasma Refined Beta Tuner x4
Black Powder Rifle Large Bayonet (Legacy)
🗒️ Plans:
Grim Reaper Vault-Boy Cutout
Pepper Shaker
Radioactive Barrel
Scorched Beast Queen Plushie
Snallygaster Plushie
T-60 Helm
T-60 Left Arm x2
Ultracite Calibrated Shocks
Ultracite Emergency Protocols
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2021.09.27 20:43 heinaga1989 Project $Hikaru | The Cutest NFT Collectible on BSC | Ex game dev from Tencent on the team | 100K initial market cap | One of a kind project! | 1000x Potential | Fair Launching on the 3rd of October |

Who is Hikaru?
HIKARU is a new project in the works to become the biggest and cutest Blockchain based NFT game and NFT Collectibles on BSC.
Stepping in the NFT space
Furthermore , We have seen immense growth in the NFT space , therefore Hikaru is coming out with its own unique NFT Collectibles and marketplace! There will be only 1000 unique NFT's available each with their unique designs.
Besides the collectibles and Marketplace. We are developing our own NFT Game! Stay Tuned for more Information!
Join us on our journey to become the biggest project on BSC!..
NFT Collectibles
Hikaru will be coming out with its own NFT Collectibles. We have created 200 Uniquely designed NFT Collectibles that will be available on the 10th of October. There will be 5 NFT's available for each design. So only 1000 NFT's will be available for this NFT Collectibles collection.
Hikaru is also developing a one of a kind NFT game developed by an ex game developer from Tencent. To give you a little inside of what the developer has worked on. The developer was part of the team developing COD Mobile & Naruto Mobile. He will be in charge of the gaming experience. Our 3D designers will be in charge of the character design & overall world design

We will be releasing content of the game on the 20th of October and will be Beta Testing the game in early November.
Please check out our socials to be up to date on the development.
We integrated a Buyback system to further reward our community & sustainable ensure Growth. Hikaru Tokens will be bought back and burned automatically to keep the price in check. Furthermore, a 3% redistribution of tokens will take place with each transaction.
We will be contributing to well known charities every quarter to help dogs in need to find a home.
Total Supply :
Wallets :
⁃ Marketing : 4%
⁃ Team : 3% Locked 2 Month
⁃ Charity 2% Locked 1 Month
Tokenomics :
⁃ 6% Buyback
⁃ 3% Redistribution
⁃ 2% Donation
Website :
Telegram :
Twitter :
Reddit :
Read more about Hikaru :
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2021.09.27 20:43 eroticmassagefantasy 45 [M4F] #NY - Bodywork With A Sensual Touch For Women So Close Your Eyes, Turn Off Your Mind & Enjoy A Full-Body Bliss!

Close your eyes. Turn off your mind. Enjoy a full-body bliss.
I am 45, white, athletic, respectful, skilled and caring. I have a very active imagination and am open-minded sexually.
We start by messages and/or chat so we can get to know each other better and to establish mutual comfort. We then schedule a massage session at a hotel that you setup. I greet you as I would any new client, even though we both know this will not be an ordinary massage. I'll leave the room for you to disrobe and get comfy on the bed.
I'll start by giving you a caring, attuned, normal massage to thoroughly address any of your muscular tension and stress. Eventually, my hands will wander ever so slightly to more sensitive and intimate areas. I can pay a little extra attention to your legs and even your butt, coming very close but not actually touching your most intimate parts. Then maybe ever so slightly grazing your breasts and nipples while moving lower to massage your pussy, playing with your clitoris and if you like gently your anus.
As your excitement and anticipation escalates, so too will mine. I'll take my time. I'll be very attentive and responsive so once you're wet and ready and can’t stand any more teasing, I'll go about the pleasing. It would be very erotic to provide at least one or two great orgasms with my strong, sensitive hands and even sensual kisses with my soft lips.
Good communication is key. I will be highly aroused by your arousal and I'm sure this will be evident as I am well-endowed. If you want more, I'm nearly positive I will as well, however, even if it’s all about you, your ultimate pleasure would be very erotic.
I'm non-judgmental and would be open to altering this scenario so it aligns with your fantasy. Let's have some fun!
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2021.09.27 20:43 Ali_Spirit Why do so many believe jaskos rando content is legit or any of it is real?

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2021.09.27 20:43 pableteR6 Vuelvo de vacaciones y regalito

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2021.09.27 20:43 xTehEliminator 5238 8331 9163 BE ONLINE

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2021.09.27 20:43 051917 Composting leaves

What’s the best method for composting leases over winter?
View Poll
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2021.09.27 20:43 Full_Option_8067 FINRA RULE 11870. Customer Account Transfer Contracts The Rule
This rule seems to confirms our suspicions that holdings in our accounts may have securities that have never been delivered (FTDs), as there's an entire subsection that addresses this situation.
If anyone speaks "lawyer" please let us know if there are any actions we can take to have our transfer request executed within a timely manner.
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2021.09.27 20:43 Rencats I’m already selling this blow dryer for dirt cheap and I can’t control the shipping prices…

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2021.09.27 20:43 zix_nefarious Please don’t drive with a dog on your lap.

It may be cute and make you feel close to your dog, but in a collision it can be terrible and possibly fatal for both of you. Airbags are dangerous when there’s something between it and you.
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2021.09.27 20:43 papercut997 Hi guys! This is my first NFT, 'Bats on Joker's Mind' , lot's of more to come in the next few days!

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2021.09.27 20:43 Majestic_Walrus_5283 This is why most women put little to no effort into their profile. While most guys are sweating what their profile looks like, most women treat it like this.

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2021.09.27 20:43 Kadeado101 Estou sendo um dos últimos a ser escolhido no time

Desde 2018/19 mais ou menos joguei basquete na escola durante as aulas de educação física junto de meus amigos, e eu era até que muito bom nisso de tanto que eu jogava; quase nunca eu errava uma cesta, principalmente na lateral da quadra, sempre que eu recebia a bola ali era quase certeza que ganhavamos 3 pontos. Porém, veio a pandemia e com isso fiquei todo esse tempão sem jogar.
Há cerca de 3 semanas, atrás eu decidi voltar a jogar novamente, mas dessa vez em um clube, com mais pessoas e em forma de treino mesmo. E cara, meu deus. Eu regredi demais no basquete, mal estou conseguindo usar minha mão esquerda para bater a bola, não consigo fazer uma cesta de bandeja, e erro todos os meus arremessos. Quase não estão mais passando a bola para mim por conta disso, e isso me entristece.
O ápice para mim na semana passada, onde por conta de uma falta adversária ganhei 2 arremessos livres, e eu tinha certeza absoluta que era 2 pontos ganhos pro nosso time, já que eu sempre acertava os arremessos... Eu errei os dois, mas não só errei como fiz tudo errado, a bola saiu toda torta e nem passou perto da cesta, isso nos dois arremessos que eu tinha.
Porém, o que mais me deixou mal foi depois do jogo. Estava para ter um outro jogo e iríamos jogar (que no fim acabou não havendo por conta do tempo da aula) e todos decidiram mudar o time para não ficar a mesma coisa, e beleza os times mudaram... Mas eu percebi que a única coisa que havia mudado era que eles haviam me trocado por outro. Isso me deixou meio mal, não só isso como agora estou sendo um dos últimos a ser escolhido, se não o último, ou às vezes nem sequer sou escolhido por ninguém.
Sei que é algo bem besta pra eu me preocupar, e por isso decidi colocar como "sem conselhos", só precisava desabafar mesmo pois é algo que esteve me incomodando. Queria poder treinar mais, porém não tenho onde fazer isso já que moro em apartamento e o espaço é bem pequeno aqui, o que me obriga a apenas treinar durante as 2 aulas que tenho na semana no clube.
Não vou desistir do basquete pois é algo que eu sempre amei de coração. Espero um dia recuperar minha habilidade e poder jogar bem novamente.
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2021.09.27 20:43 neomarxist_bullshit What’s a Belarusian drinks every day before work.

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2021.09.27 20:43 Crypto_Jakob Can someone help me? It won’t let me sell even though I lower the price trying to put all that in Safemoon.

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2021.09.27 20:43 cringe85 Gifts

is there any reason to give gifts to a person with 14 hearts?
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