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Win Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Yahtzee {US} (10/30/2021)

2021.09.27 22:05 PuppyLover77 Win Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Yahtzee {US} (10/30/2021)

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2021.09.27 22:05 FluffyAnimals_cute Follow this Amazing Channel if you area always hungry and want to cook for YOUSELF!!! https://cutt.ly/5EEmRnx

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2021.09.27 22:05 Score_National azelf on me MUST BE ONLINE WERE LEAVING UNLESS 6+ PLAYERS 8244 9108 4018 or 6841 6119 3932

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2021.09.27 22:05 Trick_Ad_4388 what are the best ways of learning about options trading and how it works(not how to)

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2021.09.27 22:05 p4NDemik 9/27/2021 Kentucky CoViD-19 LIVE Update: Governor Beshear

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2021.09.27 22:05 Status_Calligrapher8 [S] [USA-IL] Contax 139Q w/ Zeiss 35mm f2.8 + Plustek 8200i AI Scanner

I am officially moving away from shooting film due to not having the time to develop and scan and this is the last of my collection.
First up is my Contax 139 Quartz. Camera is buttery smooth and functions flawlessly. Shutter speeds are accurate, viewfinder is clear, advance and rewind are smooth. Aperture priority and manual controls work, self timer fully functional. The leatherette has been replaced as seen in the photos so no more sticky residue. This is honestly my favorite camera, thus why it's the last to go. It's is basically an RTS meeting the form factor of the S2. Paired with it is a Contax Zeiss 35mm f2.8 lens which is also in excellent condition. Glass is clean and clear with no fungus, haze, or scratches. Some minor internal dust which is normal for it's age. The dust in the photos is just external, any internal dust would need a flashlight to be visualized. Focus is smooth with a reassuring amount of resistance and aperture is snappy. Will also come with a Contax lens hood, battery, and a Nikon (gasp) strap because it is a comfy strap and a good fit for the camera.
Price: $325 all in, shipping and PayPal included. Full transparency and a fair price for the pair.

Second up is my trusty Plustek 8200i AI Film Scanner. The best 35mm Plustek Scanner that is offered. Not the be confused with the 8100 or the 8200i SE, this is the AI which has the best color calibration and rendition thanks to a color calibration slide that can be loaded in and scanned prior to scanning negatives. This renders the most accurate colors I've seen in scans and makes scanning color film a breeze. It functions perfectly and has never let me down. Comes with the power cord, USB cord, both slide and normal strip film holders, color calibration slide, Silverfast software, and the manuals.
Price: $300, local pickup in Chicagoland area only. The focusing mechanism is internal and I don't trust any shipping company to not mess with it by handling it carelessly.

Should also like to add, I would trade either towards an x-pro 1 with a 35mm (50 equivalent) lens.

Product photos:
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2021.09.27 22:05 quanathan can i pm someone cars asking if you think i should buy it or not ?

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2021.09.27 22:05 Dylanor03 Pyro Thoma Team Advice

Hi! I’m wanting to build Thoma as a main dps with pyro. I would also love to run my Jean with him and was wondering who would be two characters to fit the remaining slots? If there’s any questions about characters I have I’ll gladly answer!
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2021.09.27 22:05 ricowoldt Website Private?

Hi! Just went to yachtrock.com to check the Yachtski score for Careless Whisper, and it’s giving me a “private webpage” message. Does anyone know why? Maybe in prep for the book release?
And anyone know if they Yachtskied “Careless Whisper”? :D
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2021.09.27 22:05 Middle-Trouble-8822 Pretty Girl farts

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2021.09.27 22:05 GlitteringSugar9792 The date announcement is all Volume 2

I just rewatched the date announcement for Part 5 and I noticed that all of the clips they are showing aren’t from volume 1.
I know this because it mostly shows clips of a swat team of some sort getting into the bank. The only force that gets in the bank in volume one is the army.
Where I am getting to is there was one clip of the professor tied up, and I believe if there is a pattern then this clip is also from volume 2. Which might mean Alicia has somehow once again tied up the professor. Some more evidence to prove my theory is that in the Season 5 Volume 2 Teaser Raquel talks about how the Professor has disappeared again.
Just a theory, let me know what you guys thing
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2021.09.27 22:05 Cryptids_Roost The Arjun Chronicles #03 - The Krovosos Family // Written by beastboysuraj // Narrated by Cryptids Roost

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2021.09.27 22:05 Fobulousguy Any good tutorials on finger drumming techniques?

Looking For my 8 year old and also for myself. hopong to find some with a variety of drumming patterns and techniques
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2021.09.27 22:05 SadCat102205 found this little spider at school. Canada, Ontario

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2021.09.27 22:05 Labtecci National Missing Person’s Registry

She did it! She found her car keys and left in the middle of the night when we were all sleeping. A Silver Alert could not be issued because she hasn’t been declared with Dementia by a Dr. although she has been showing signs for awhile now.
This is my mom, the one who had a major stroke 3 1/2 yrs ago and can no longer drive, can’t cook for herself, needs help dressing and bathing, who doesn’t know how to compose an email, scan a debit card to pay for gas, and has to walk with a cane and a walker. The one who has been living with us since the stroke.
My initial panic is turning to anger. She ran away to drive from Seattle to eastern Montana (where she still has a house) because we had picked out a very nice assisted living facility for her here that she didn’t want to go to.
So we wait. I sure hope she doesn’t kill any innocent people on her way.
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2021.09.27 22:05 CathieNewcomb Anon has the last laugh

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2021.09.27 22:05 gumpishsfsdfwerwe Tokens.com analysis, once crypto and DeFi become more mainstream $COIN is going to blow up, total value of DeFi contracts is already growing exponentially and it's still a mystery to most people

Tokens.com business model is pretty simple, use shareholder capital to buy crypto currency, use staking technology generate revenue from its inventory of crypto as well as the general appreciation of those specific crypto assets. It’s an easy way for investors to get exposure to crypto, DeFi and NFT’s which are still a bit of a mystery to your average investor.
Last week they bought more 200 ETH2.0 during the mid week dip, their total inventory is now 2,710 ETH2.0 that they can use for crypto staking. They also announced last week that they’re launching a new corporate brand identity with a new logo and website. The website is aimed at demystifying their services and provide investors with resources to help them understand the crypto and DeFi industries.
They were recently approved for trading on the OTCQB venture market, the listing should widen their shareholder base and provide them with an opportunity to expand their crypto-staking business.
They only went public at the end of April. After the crypto currency dip earlier this year their asset base has appreciated about 60% since the end of Q2. Their assets include Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Coin and they’re one of the only public companies in the world to hold Axie Infinity Shards, an NFT gaming token backed by Mark Cuban. Just that asset alone has appreciated 65% since they bought it, they’re also yield farming it earning returns around 20%.
Decentralized finance (DeFi), using blockchain technology, can create a more secure and transparent form of finance without the need for brokerages, exchanges or banks to offer traditional financial instruments, basically automating financial services. DeFi offers retail investors the chance to take advantage of financial products and services that are normally reserved for institutional or wealthy investors and individuals. All you need is a cryptocurrency to put up as collateral and you can have instant access to a pool of funds put up by individuals on the blockchain.
A Small Cap research report states theres about US$61 billion currently locked up in DeFi contracts, up from US$13 billion at the start of 2021. Tokens.com recently bought 7,625 Polkadot, on top of their 2,710 ETH2.0 to keep building their crypto staking asset base.
They had a big Q2 this year, they closed a $19.8 million (CAD$25 million) subscription receipt offering and received the proceeds on April 28th giving them a massive war chest to keep building their crypto staking business. They also closed a reverse-takeover transaction with COIN Hold Inc.
DeFi and crypto are still new and somewhat mysterious to a lot of investors. What I really like about tokens.com is that they help people give exposure to those markets very easily and transparently. They provide exposure to a number of different parts of the DeFi industry, the individual crypto values, DeFi staking and NFTs and their most recent corporate brand identity makeover is specifically aimed at helping new investors understand the company and the industry.
This is not investment advice.
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2021.09.27 22:05 BryantMP BryantMP launches campaign with a fiery speech in a packed full Invercargill town hall, laying out key National party policies and attacking Alliance's Canterbury candidate as a populist. (AORAKI21)

Kia ora everyone
We are living in a day where covid-19 has left our economy beaten, bruised and on its last legs. Businesses across the country are suffering, some families and businesses have gone without any profit in over a year now but thease business is resilient, we are resilient. That does not mean we don’t need help every now and then and we plan to bring the New Zealand economy roaring back!
To start off we will change the reserve bank act to remove the finance minister power to issue remits. This Muldoon like policy has lead to incompetent politicians abusing it for their own political goal! Now this power would be effective in the hands of a competent finance minister, but Alliance hasn’t had one of them before. The removal of the remits will also allow for the reserve bank to get back to its goals instead of having to play politics. They can then strengthen the New Zealand economy by focusing on price stability and ensuring the health of the finical system.
You may have noticed that I didn’t mention employment as a goal under the new reserve bank act and that was impersonal. Focusing on full employment doesn’t benefit the economy as much as once thought. If we continue with this goal, we oversupply the labour market and keep wages low, thereby discouraging investment in new production processes and products. We still want to encourage full employment, but it will be no longer a mandate of the reserve bank.
In our goal to repair the New Zealand economy, we will also introduce new tax credits which my candidates have spoken about. We will introduce credits for Damage done by apprentices, to encourage more to be trained up and will upskill workers to get higher wages and help cover some of the cost’s newbies will bring in. We will also introduce the promised increase in tax credits to donations to environmentally friendly charities. I've talked about this many times so won’t bore you with it again. We will also introduce the upskill staff tax credit which will allow businesses to claim money back after they train up staff. All of these combined will help kiwi business owners to invest and train their staff. The population upskilling will come and will strengthen our economy and make kiwis more productive.
The prime minister has proposed we remove the hobbit laws that were introduced under the key National government. This decision is ludicrous and will wreak havoc on our film industry. The bill is simple in what is dose, in that it allows employers to deny holidays and sick leave for any reason. Unlike alliance, we want to keep these laws and keep New Zealand Productive.
This change was relatively simple but helped to speed up the production of the lord of the rings and other kiwi films. This law helps to build the New Zealand film industry and helped to show off the amazing landscape of New Zealand! These movies use to bring in thousands of tourists who travel across the country to see things like the southern alps, the forests in Rotorua and the beaches up in the northlands and now the tourists won’t come! It’s not only because of Covid-19 but the lack of desire! We market ourselves heavily on the fact we are exotic and weird! Hell, Smaug still hasn’t left the Auckland airport! I’ve talked to tourism operators, and they still get questions about where the hobbits live and where the dragons gold! But alas if we remove these laws there will be fewer questions, fewer tourists and less money buying our goods and services. I know this government has it out for kiwi business but even they can agree that it's cruel to hit them when they are down because of covid.
We should be further increasing these laws as New Zealand is in reason and if we don’t want it to be depression then we need to expand our marking, expand our viewers and then the tourists will come! If the prime minister wants to destroy the free marketing the film industry brings in, the National party will not stand for this! Alliance is pushing their Anti-business agenda, just look at their changes to union strike rules, the implementation of mandatory carbon offsetting for airlines. It's not just them though! Act, the association of taxpayers and consumers has abandoned their original cause to protect business and have attached themselves to ARTB populism! They have changed immensely, and I doubt roger Douglas and XXX will be proud to see who they are today!
Although we can change this New Zealand! You need to give your two ticks to National in the next election then we will see change! We will see us implement policies that do benefit our community, policies that trickle down to help people. Policies that will bring tourists to New Zealand and put money into the hands of hard-working kiwis. Policies that united us instead of dividing us. Alliance will supercharge the rural-urban divide in New Zealand. They have no problems leaving behind those that will not and do not help them. The farmers in the southland, the hardworking fishermen of the north, the small business owners in the cities. These are the ones alliance forgets about. We need to stand together strong to stop the left.
We need proper policies that put money into the hands of hard-working kiwis and one we will implement is to change the minimum wage to be industry-specific. Now, this may sound confusing, but it won’t be! We will implement a commission whose job it is to base the minimum wage of industry specifications and needs! So, for example, the mining industry will have a minimum wage that will be higher than the retail one. This is because there is more hazards in the mining industry alongside compensating for the long term damage mining may cause to the workers! This commission will also focus on increasing the minimum wage if there is a short supply of workers in one industry or decrease it if there is an oversupply. Thus, allowing for the government to influence the supply of labour in a less harmful and more consistent way! This compared to alliance adjusting the minimum wage to the inflation rate makes a more consistent transition and allows for business to better transition with the shock that would be caused by alliance putting it up every year! Now business owners may be worried about how this may affect their incomes and part of this commissions job will be to consider if businesses are making a profit! It is perfectly within your rights to do so, and we will protect you for that. We will make sure the commission has prominent business owners as they know what’s best for business and know how it is best to manage and protect their business.
One thing small business owners across the country has been asking for is the reintroduction of the youth wage! We will implement this as many business owners complain that they would love to hire young people, but they must train them up! Which costs too much. We will implement a youth wage for 12- to 17-year-olds that is 80% of the minimum wage of that industry, that way youth can be employed with less stress about the cost for owners. We also want to get our youth ahead in life and reward those who work hard, therefore we will be removing all taxon under 18’s kiwis aver to a maximin of 20,000, this is a relatively inexpensive way to reward and encourage youth to get involved in the scheme! It will allow them to get out there and save more for retirement and to be able to buy a house. The national party rewards those who work hard and then we will reward those youth who go out and get work!
And in the spirit of working with hard-working people today, I will announce we will be endorsing u/Gregor_The_Beggar and u/Cody5200 from ACT for Manukau and Auckland central, as these two are highly skilled ACT MP’s and both have experience in Auckland central and Manukau and because of this we know they can serve these communities well. Alongside u/model-putrid for Wellington, who has demonstrated her excellent ability to deal with Wellingtonians and their needs.
Alliance will come out comparing us to Muldoon for these policies! But the is utter rubbish, our policies focus on more freedom of enterprise and keep the policy in the hands of experts and not bureaucrats and illiterate politicians of the Labour and Alliance party. We focused on losing the government’s grip on the economy and not strengthening its grip, which is what Alliance will do!
I want to also take a moment to respond to u/frost_Walker2017 comments, The national part has a board in each electorate and that board asks for someone to be their candidate, which is the Aoraki board who are sick of not having their voices heard asked for me! I Chose to run here off a demand from the people of Aoraki! u/HuwcollinsNZ ran in Canterbury because he has greater ties in that community than I do! He studied there, worked there and volunteered there. Frost ran for the first time in the last election and didn’t get the seat and now that he is in the lead he has gotten arrogant and let it go to his head. He of all people should know that things change quickly in an election. He of all people should know a good candidate offers solutions to problems and new policies and ideas, but here he is just attacking my candidate! I do not wish him luck in his hopeless endeavour if he continues down the path of hate and division, he is a prime example of using populist tactics of them vs us and is polarising New Zealand and my response to him is you have to be popular to be a populist!
Invercargill, If you want a candidate that is here to listen, is here to work with you and will build your economy up and not tear it down, you need to vote national! I thank you for your time and I’m proud to run for the great electorate of Aoraki!
Loud applause heard through the hall
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2021.09.27 22:05 bedido Sourcing Of Wholesale Coco Pendants

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2021.09.27 22:05 Thestaplepuller 35 [m4f] older man for younger toilet sub (new England)

I'm an experienced Dom who's had a number of subs in the past, a mix of online and in person. I have lots of kinks but they really boil down to two, toilet play and obedience. I really get off on degrading girls and I can't think of anything more degrading than toilet play. Someone who drinks piss or eats scat could easily be seen as less than human. At the same time doing these things is a test of extreme obedience. One of my favorite things to do is train a girl who has never tried toilet play at all before and slowly work her up to the point where when I saw swallow she does.
Of course this doesn't come easily or quickly. I'm looking for a long term relationship that allows us to get to know each other and build up trust. I think the best way to do that is with a series of tasks and rules that escalate to full toilet play. Despite being into some pretty extreme kinks I think of myself as a pretty safe guy. I'm not interested in severe pain or messing up someone's life in any way. When we aren't talking kinky stuff I like to get to know my partners and chat about normal stuff.
I'm a professional who has a Masters degree. I'm 6'1, in good shape and ran a marathon two years ago. These days I'm really into hiking, woodworking and I've been trying out DnD. If any of this sounds interesting let me know and we can discuss it.
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2021.09.27 22:05 unite-thegig-economy Did you see this survey for r/indiancountry about rule changes of this subreddit?

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2021.09.27 22:05 Shoddy-Tangerine4281 Don't know which flair is good but i was just watching jhc live stream and this thing pop up really bro

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2021.09.27 22:05 pegasustoonkingdom If you were a flavor, which one would you be?

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2021.09.27 22:05 wasacrispiest Dailirelis Perez Lopez (@dalliperez) - 20 pictures

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2021.09.27 22:05 Jukk88 10 Survival Skills Your Great-Grandparents Knew (That Most Of Us Have Forgotten)

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