Wires keep coming out of car subs, any tips?

2021.09.27 20:45 Scrambled000 Wires keep coming out of car subs, any tips?

I have 2 twelve inch subwoofers in if I play loud music for a few hours, the subs create enough vibration for the wires to unplug, any tips to prevent this??
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2021.09.27 20:45 Cloudsofnothing666 👍

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2021.09.27 20:45 WorldlyGuidance5128 The Crew 2: Lancia 037 Stradale(?)

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2021.09.27 20:45 vonobox the evil empire comcast hq looming over philadelphia

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2021.09.27 20:45 CringeCrossposterBot Post by u/Special-Awareness-86 in /r/TikTokCringe

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2021.09.27 20:45 umariqball UWORLD AVAILABLE

Uworld account for sale, expires on Feb 11 , 2022..Both Self Assesments available unused, Payment receipt available. Reset option also available...
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2021.09.27 20:45 r1ggsplanet What’s Happening Here?

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2021.09.27 20:45 Vidco91 OASE Biomaster Thermo 350 sucking air from outside

I have a new filter that was purchased in 2018, I didn't get a chance to use the filter due to residence move and finally hooked it up last weekend for a new 32G planted tank project. The filter does work and there is no flow combined with rattling noise. Couple of times it worked when I tilted the filter and put some vaseline on the gasket, however after working for 10-20 seconds it sucked air and stopped working. Any advice how to fix this?
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2021.09.27 20:45 Emotional_Ad261 Rivers girlfriend 😳

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2021.09.27 20:45 Balcony_Man Any other tube commuters getting sick alot lately?

I know that there has been a nasty throat-cold going around this month - I had it for about two weeks. However, I had only just gotten rid of it to come down with another cold yesterday (this one is affecting my sinuses more than my throat).
Some people say that the lockdowns and covid precautions have lowered the effectiveness of our immune systems. Is anybody else experiencing the same?
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2021.09.27 20:45 Anubis_ACX You win some you lose some....

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2021.09.27 20:45 AeyphixKing Once my Oblivion Battle Royale is over, would you to see a Daedric Prince Battle Royale?

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2021.09.27 20:45 Zander327 One Blu ray disc in a TV set not reading, all others working fine. Some movies in a movie set not reading, others are fine. Any advice on this? The discs work otherwise and I cleaned them prior to reading as I do with all discs.

As mentioned in the post, my drive is having issues with certain discs in that it continues to spin but the title never shows up for the disc drive. One of these is like season 6 of the adventure time Blu ray set (Australian set but have not had issues with any of the other discs). Other discs are from a set of 4 Pokémon movies and all discs work in my PS4, the first my PC will read, the next one has the spinning issue, and the other two finish spinning but then it will say No Disc.
It’s one thing if a random disc wasn’t working, but my assumption with these is that they’re set up the same way so it’s very odd to me that some work and others don’t.
My Blu ray drive is this portable Archgon drive:
Archgon Premium Aluminum External USB 3.0 UHD 4K Blu-Ray Writer Super Drive for PC and Mac https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BC9F98J/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_KR0TG3BJF0EKFNZ6XCBF?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
Have not flashed it, everything has worked so far so I didn’t feel a need to. But now I’ve run into this and I’m not sure what to do. As mentioned I cleaned the discs and also cleaned the lens in the drive with no success. Any advice on this? I’m assuming it’s going to be to buy another drive, but would hate to buy another and run into the same issue.
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2021.09.27 20:45 Monkeymn584 Time hop trying to make the “surprised pikachu” meme

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2021.09.27 20:45 TilleroftheFields Eklutna Lake, Alaska [4292 x 1556]

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2021.09.27 20:45 69PlymouthSatellite One Death, 83 New Cases of COVID-19, 46 Recoveries

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2021.09.27 20:45 Infinitezeek All your FUD is no effect on us

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2021.09.27 20:45 Derbyboyuk Pocket Scents Citrus Paradisi Review

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2021.09.27 20:45 Defiant-Animator5083 I’m (27f) might be in a toxic on again-off again relationship with my bf (33m) but I don’t want to end it.

My ex husband (28m) and I split up during the pandemic. We married somewhat young and probably rushed into it. I met my current guy at work. He was also going through a difficult mid pandemic breakup. We’ve been on again-off again for about a year now. Last night I had to call my ex because of some legal post divorce documents and issues. Afterwards, my current guy accused me of having a relationship with the ex and called me a “lying f**king bitch”, even though he asked about the situation and said he wanted to know. My friends and parents have told me to leave, but I always focus on the amazing past moments of our relationship. When we’re good, it’s the happiest I’ve ever been. He even helped me get off my depression medication that I thought I was going to have to take the rest of my life. He’s always the one to end the relationship with an explosive argument and after a few days and some binge drinking he always begs to get back together. I ended it last night but in my heart of hearts I know that if he were to call and apologize I’d give him his fifth “last chance”. I thought he was blowing things way out of proportion but maybe it’s me and not him. Is this a toxic relationship or do we just need to communicate better?
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2021.09.27 20:45 H7-Eric Book about a suicidal teen who chops off his hair

Im fairly certain he then puts the hair in the fridge. I know one of his teachers that he forms a bond with takes him in near the end of the book when he deicides he doesn’t want to kill himself.
I want to find this book again because i can’t remember the end and its been bugging me.
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2021.09.27 20:45 dwayne_da_goat from her twitter

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2021.09.27 20:45 Lilachyena egg_irl

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2021.09.27 20:45 ___Nigward_ I am so confused about how this shot registered.

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2021.09.27 20:45 Silver_Weather_7508 [Bass House] Leotrix - Sight (DQE Remix)

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2021.09.27 20:45 thisbodyisntmine when you go through your incorrects in uworld and you do questions correct does the number of incorrects decrease??

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