Looking for 2x tickets for the (UK) Birmingham concert on 2nd April, please:)

2021.10.24 14:49 sctty1233 Looking for 2x tickets for the (UK) Birmingham concert on 2nd April, please:)

please help if u can:)
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2021.10.24 14:49 PatriciaMarciniak67 Boardwalk switches colors when you change direction, then is the same color in the middle

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2021.10.24 14:49 Conscious_Stomach_61 I love my shrimps!

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2021.10.24 14:49 JasonDetwiler Can’t wait to put these babies in the woods.

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2021.10.24 14:49 BusterWright Darkthrone - Soulside Journey (from Black Death and Beyond)For Norway open your eyes to the truth and the light

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2021.10.24 14:49 HamishWarne [Highlight] Sam Darnold goes full big brain, intentionally grounds the ball in the end zone. Giving up the safety!

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2021.10.24 14:49 oohoppyoo Hilary Duff sexy size sixes

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2021.10.24 14:49 ILikeTasks This cracked me up and made my day

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2021.10.24 14:49 HallLast3549 Lego Movie 2 Part 5

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2021.10.24 14:49 mrmatsee Hemp & Pawz Charity (Market Cap 4,000)(1 Day Old) | Use Case and Utility | Apparel💥Rewardz Doge Coin | Experienced Team 100x potential

Contract: 0xD23e1797B3826ea34E47e58849735EcAa1934Ada
Wallet for Marketing 0xa85d0e6723eB0aC1dbdcbDB54a0D4e3841421EFf A very straight forward roadmap and clear marketing plan for each stage and growth to be monitored. Hemp & Pawz has extreme potential to breakout with over 2000 interactions with the QR Code and established telegram room awaiting the presale. Video ads, Posters, Clothing, Coffee Cups, and other Merchandise setup for pre-launch. That feeling you have when you know something is poised to explode……. Fear Of Missing Out is here. Pre-Sale supply restricted to a low total to ensure that the pump and dumpers cannot destroy a truly honest and great project with USE CASE and UTILITY.
Motivating the community to donate to the right cause is always a challenge when starting out. We have a clear path once investors see the benefit and potential in this project and there are no others like it!
Advertising Strategy
-Website prepared incorporate links to the product line recommended and connected with locally. Where products to help your best friends out, and even a people use product supply.
-Reddit trending on 5 pages and more, TikTok or Snap Chat campaign, QR Code for purchasing Twitter posts for the 10 days prior and twitter run account for Token.
-Tutorial video prepared, Pancake Swap, Members, Voice Chat, Reddit posts, Twitter like and retweets link on pages.-Charities we will donate to, and have picked 20 all across the world.
💎Supply 1,000,000,000
7% Remains for Staking Platform 70,000,000 2% Developer Wallet 20,000,000 2% Charity Wallet BCSPCA 20,000,000 2% Charity Wallet Animal Cancer Foundation 20,000,000 2% Charity Wallet Dog Trust 20,000,000 85% to Pancake Swap Platform 850,000,000 0% Burn address
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2021.10.24 14:49 Clear-Relief-1424 me_irl

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2021.10.24 14:49 OverallGuarantee1502 For trade. LF Lum-Um runes or smite gear

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2021.10.24 14:49 CoochieNinja Bear seems like the app I'm looking for, except for one flaw..

There doesn't seem to be any way to reduce the "note list" down to just the Titles of the notes, instead of the Title + a short snippet.
I keep lots of notes; terrible memory. So having the title + a short snippet of the note in list makes for very long scrolling.
I do a pretty good job of provide a title for the note so that I know exactly what that note contains, so there is zero need for a short snippet to be used in the list.
I'm surprised there is no option show only note titles. I would think this is something most people would want.
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2021.10.24 14:49 siliconebutts Side Scrolling Action rpg with a 3d overworld

I do not remember if it was for snes or sega md but I remember it being a side scroller, your character wasn't covered in armor but still was dressed in medieval looking attire. I don't know if the levels had depth but you could go through doors and passages in the background. One of the most notable features was how the overworld was 3d with a first person view and everything was green except the sprites that represented locations and maybe the road. I have been searching for days but I have had no luck. I played this game a few years ago but I forget the name. In theory I probably still have it on an old hard drive but I don't remember it's name so it would be like a needle in a haystack situation.
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2021.10.24 14:49 Flackle Feeling too guilty to ask for time off...

New policy at work requires that we now ship out every week day instead of every mon/wed/fri so now I have even more difficulty taking days off... Taking off the occasional Tuesday or Thursday was what I did to compensate for the lack of any vacations or extended time off and now I don't even get that anymore.
The last week I had off was the December of last year and I was able to take a couple long weekends so far this year but didn't take off any holidays (worked memorial day, 4th of July and labor day). I was the only one at my work that didn't take a vacation over the summer.
We don't get pto but we're able to take as much unpaid time off we'd like as long as we request it in advance. How in advance I don't know so I try to give about a month's notice if I take any days off but its so far away I end up just giving up trying to ask because I feel shame in asking. Now I don't even know what to do anymore as it feels like I'm a burden to everyone if I want to take any time off and if I left for any extended time it would cause too many issues at work for my coworkers.
When I first started in 2019 I would take 1 week off every 3 months but that stopped around spring of 2020 and now I basically don't plan to take any more at all... How do I stop feeling guilty for not wanting to work every single week for the rest of my life? I spent my entire 20s without traveling because I felt tied down to my obligations and now I will never get to go do anything other than work and go home. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.24 14:49 Blackmagician_91 Black Hooded Oriole || NikonD5600, Nikkor 70-300

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2021.10.24 14:49 kaltaking Question about friction

Why is the static friction bigger than the kinetic friction? (There are 4 main reasons I found 1- molecular level rough surfaces causing interlock 2-cold welding of solids 3- high pressure caused by the real contact area 4-intermolecular attaraction) Which one has the biggest effect?
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2021.10.24 14:49 Jeniz Please prove me wrong C9

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2021.10.24 14:49 PhoenyxDownGaming Walmart+ Black Friday restock.

I've read/heard stirrings of a big restock for Walmart+ subscribers for Black Friday this year. That compounded with the TikTok apparently showing an entire warehouse aisle full of PS5's likely explains why many of us aren't seeing our orders moving. They're ignoring past orders for BF customers. Not only does that seem a bit unethical, but it's just plain shitty. Though I don't expect much from Walmart, I still expected better than this.
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2021.10.24 14:49 Grendel_the_giant Zelfs Jeff Bezos snapt de Nederlandse kwaliteit.

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2021.10.24 14:49 Suitable-Ad1881 Messi or Son? (Robbie, VVD, Son, De Bruyne and Robbo are tradeable)

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2021.10.24 14:49 RealH3lm do i have some kind of cursed version of NV?

all the time on the internet i see people complaining about all the bugs and how much its crashes, but i've only crashed twice from my dumbass opening other games in the background, i have no mods loaded, not running it in any kind of compatibility mode either, downloaded straight from steam.
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2021.10.24 14:49 Armagadon_001 Carbon Creatures

Carbon Creatures is the world's 1st NFT dedicated to capturing carbon.
They’re 3D, animated, hand-generated, and very trapped! Really proud of the detail in our critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle. Pass the word on. Save the World! Unlock a Creature. #cleannft #carbondrop #CarbonCreatures #cryptocurrency #NFTcommunity #NFTdrops #nftcollector #NFTdrop #NFT #opensea CarbonCreatures
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2021.10.24 14:49 karmagheden “Labor Shortage”

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2021.10.24 14:49 kevinjm86 How do I pick a year from the 50’s if I was born in 1990?

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