SHIB could be listed on RobinHood tomorrow....

2021.10.24 14:51 Talmidim SHIB could be listed on RobinHood tomorrow....

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2021.10.24 14:51 pooorvegan Husband and I are celebrating his promotion

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2021.10.24 14:51 larakf Racist Uncle Bob is probably really excited about the upcoming documentary.

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2021.10.24 14:51 kwal319 No Longer Mono/Mono!!!

I've been scouring this page the past month looking for advice, reassurance and guidance. My wife initially had an ultrasound at 10 weeks and they just saw a singleton. They did a dating ultrasound at week 12 and found twins! They informed us they did not find a dividing membrane separating them so they had diagnosed her with having monochorionic-monoamniotic twins (the ultrasound was also sent to a MFM who also confirmed mono/mono).

They did not educate us much at this point on what mono-mono, but we did a deep dive to get all the information we could about mono-mono twins, which may have been a mistake. She would have likely had to be admitted for intensive monitoring of cord entanglement at 24-26 weeks and would deliver at the latest at 32 -34 weeks. On top of this, we have a 18 month at home and due to COVID precautions, he would not be allowed to visit while she was admitted. Needless to say, we were completely devastated and didn't even know what to think or do with this looming over us.

We had another appt with her OBGYN at 15 weeks, who had only seen mono-mono twins a couple times in her 25 year career. We were lucky enough to get a referral to a MFM the following day and they were able to sneak us in an ultrasound appt that same day. The ultrasound tech started the ultrasound and the twins looked like they were right on top of each other, so we were not hopeful that there was a dividing membrane. She started labeling the twins Twin A and Twin B. All of a sudden she starts typing M-E-M-B-R.... I immediately shot up and asked "are you typing membrane?!?!". She stated the doctor will have to confirm with you, but yes, I definitely see a membrane.

We are now having mono-di twins. We were so overjoyed with happiness and we couldn't believe it. I know this comes with its own risks and complications, but we are so relieved that there will hopefully not be a 4-10 week hospital stay prior to birth.
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2021.10.24 14:51 Snoo_77694 Big F

Big F
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2021.10.24 14:51 Mk_rhyno13 Just a small number of comments on a vaccine related video

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2021.10.24 14:51 Journeyman-3444 [Q] How can I get into a master's degree in statistics??

I am about to be a junior next semester and currently have a 2.7 GPA right now. I also don't go to a very popular college and it's located in the city. I have low grades and I am thinking about either getting into a masters program for applied statistics or maybe applied math. However, I might have no chance because I got a few C grades in my early math classes and I had to withdraw from Calculus 1 twice. I am also interested in economics and I have a B and B- in the first two economics classes so far. I understand that I screwed up bad but I am thinking about changing my life around. I have a total of 5 w grades and I am thinking about trying to at least get into a masters program for higher education as that I am thinking about pursuing a career in data science or possibly a consulting/financial field like quantitative analysis. I have a total of 5 w grades on my transcript so far and I don't want to end up a failure. I just need brutal honesty. I am currently about to be a junior this Fall and if it's not possible for me to get into a master's program, what are some possible career choices for me? What else can I do? I don't have internships yet but I am looking for some experience in the field so that I can get accepted later possibly. Are online master's a good choice because I was just thinking about that. I also graduate in two years so does anyone have some advice for me?
Edit : I understand that I have to bust my ass to even get anywhere and I am willing to do the hard work. What alternatives can I do to get into these careers if master's degree isn't for me?
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2021.10.24 14:51 manaus_t A 97-year-old philosopher faces his own death

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2021.10.24 14:51 JacobS_555 Mk 15 Part 3 Global Event

We took a great step; those decades ago when we set down these great cities.
But there were those who stood back. For a time, they flourished—with the rest of us gone, foraging drew plentiful bounties. And when winter came, so long our hardest hour, they if anything grew stronger.
They certainly grew taller.
But when spring came, they began to hunger. Their gathering and their hunting proved as fruitful as ever, but to no end. They famished.
Still they grew taller.
Seldom do we see them in the daytime anymore. Those that do appear, when they appear, are pale, perpetually squinting husks of their former selves.
We would not care—whatever their fate they chose it for themselves. But this summer they began to take our own.
They leave for a week. Always a week. When they come back—as they always do—they are bolder, stronger.

Within two weeks, invariably, they leave again. None have returned.

Before their departure, many have reported hearing a poem. They say it is sung by a very distant, or else very small, voice. They say it is as follows:

Alight in the dark, and angel in the deep;
Alone in the beauty you turn from in sleep.
The light of my vigil, a beacon for love;
But the fire I set the lure of a more vicious dove.

How alike are we, mortal men;
We sing our songs, so bright, and then?
See me from afar, and bask in my light
But watch me too close and you might catch a fright.
Who am I?

In this heart of darkness, wherefrom you now turn,
Whose rich hearty clay will form your last urn,
I stalk in wait. You will come.
You can't resist my hum.

Here might I be your only beacon
Here like me, might you become
When the billowing willow obscures the moon;
A claw or a jaw might scrape your tomb.
Where am I?

Choose a player to meet the call, and have them DM me your answers. They may be at risk in doing so. If you are afraid, you may plug your ears and ignore it.
Note: If you don’t get the riddles right the event will still progress, just guess whatever
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2021.10.24 14:51 vanillalatte092 Everyone! Give me some decoration inspo!

Im in an awkward place on my cafe and I need some decoration inspo! Anything helps! Thankssss
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2021.10.24 14:51 Impressive-Read6321 A dark fantasy ttrpg with homebrew world and adventure
Found this.
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2021.10.24 14:51 Sweeneytoddy117 So…. What did we think to today?

Was at the game today, unfortunately.
Thought the first half was ok but still pretty dire, we matched them up and neither team really created anything. Thought Victor was having a very good game but everything fell apart when Moon got on the ball.
Second half, didn’t come out well, the two quick fire goals and the heads went down. Was amazed that we managed to get the two goals back to put some pressure on them at the end!
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2021.10.24 14:51 amnesiac7 'Molecularly Impossible': Fauci Blasts Rand Paul for Covid Lab Theory

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2021.10.24 14:51 AzianPerzuazian 39/Korean Male/Tx

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2021.10.24 14:51 SyrupSignificant1206 i’m aware that this would be against the rules of this subreddit but i keep hearing about 3rd party cash/coins 8 ball pool sellers, could someone guide me in private dms please? Ps: it is clearly not permitted to awnser this question in threads so that’s why im asking for directions in my inbox. thx

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2021.10.24 14:51 PhantomOrbia The "Professionals"

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2021.10.24 14:51 coffeebeanstock Is it worth any?

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2021.10.24 14:51 crush_ka_bada_bhai new twist

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2021.10.24 14:51 revenge_for_greedo After several hours spent researching the subject of Christian Movies, and getting feedback from the internet, I have made this meme.

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2021.10.24 14:51 cmpsr How do I avoid falling pray to `moonboysm` and `FUDism' by investing in HPPOT

How do I avoid falling pray to `moonboysm` and `FUDism' by investing in HPPOT My experience as an investor and/or trader is mostly reduced to countless losses and missed opportunities. Despite this fact I keep hoping that I will eventually learn from my mistakes and will be able to at least recover my losses. My over-inflated text seeks to help those who still feel lost at times in the crypto jungle.
I started as a total noob in 2018 and I just went like a sheep with a FOMO trend having invested in good projects, albeit at their peak. In early 2021 I started to try to educate myself and avoid the superficial approach that governed my decision-making up until then. But I didn't start that well... I decided to sell at a loss all those coins that I had hodled for over 2 years in order to start over, thinking that I will be able to recover my investment AND make some profit. I was completely wrong. Had I waited, I would have had more than my initial investment. I would have actually 10x’d the initial sum. What went wrong? I suspect there are multiple reasons, but in order to avoid writing an actual book about my blunders I will focus here on two „psychological viruses” - if I may call them as such. How did I arrive at this conclusion?
My crypto journey gradually led me from CEX’s to DEX’s and to the gloomy and murky world of the Binance Smart Chain. After I made all the possible mistakes and having reached both high gains and total loss (in the sense that I reached a 6-digit figure, only to lose all and have only $100 in my wallet) I realized that I need to analyse what is actually happening. I had already spent time on Telegram, which seems to be one of the favourite networking platforms and soon enough I started engaging in a lot of conversations in the groups of the tokens in which I had invested. Soon I started to notice certain patterns emerging in the way people acted and reacted to things.
On one side there is the all-to-well-known `moonboysm`, this despicable `syndrome` that is characterized by pubescent enthusiasm and blind idolatry. The `infected` fellows seemed to behave like brainwashed minions, most of them being just simple investors, not even specifically paid to behave in this way. They are usually beyond convinced that the project in which they invested will forever moon just because THEY chose to put money into this project. Their arguments lack consistency and they just reproduce what they heard from the devs or other investors. In very extreme cases there are some that continue to hodl, even if they were obviously scammed, like for example the devs left a long time ago with their profits. They just refuse to see reason and they find all kinds of explanations for the devs continuing to wait ad infinitum... In any case, one of the symptoms is the predominance of the confirmation bias. Moonboys attract each other and start to form a sort of a camp (this is why you very often find the attitude of „us vs. them”). Any healthy critical thinking is obliterated by their ping-pong of naive optimism. You see mad speculations about the future price, asking one another what that will be in a certain amount of time. Extreme examples of other tokens are being given (as if these exceptions are the rule) and they start imagining themselves in their Lambos and yachts. Any attempt to wake them from their fanboy wet dream is violently suppressed and labeled as FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). Did I ever get this awful affliction? I’m ashamed to admit that yes, I did, with mild symptoms though and it didn’t last for long. I did try to refrain from offending those that were trying to underline the obvious flaws of the project (but not seen by me). My reaction would be to just politely convince them of MY truth, finding plausible excuses for the devs’ actions. Of course there are also those individuals who do this on purpose, mimicking true belief in the project, but in reality they want to pump and dump the project. (If you do this, you’re no different from a scammer.)
In the other extreme there is the cynical `FUDism`, in which Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt completely corrupt the mind of the afflicted. Funnily enough this seems to come more as an exacerbated immune response to `moonboysm`. If you follow closely who praised the project beyond reason when the token was in an uptrend, you will be amazed to realize that the same individuals are the ones most vocal and pessimistic when the token is having a dip. Moreover they seem to become overnight experts in marketing, blockchain, cryptography, advanced mathematics, quantum physics and the psychology of the masses. And if this was not enough, you have those who start to subtly threaten with dumping, admitting that they are whales and as a consequence, their input should be valued by the mods and devs, OR ELSE… This is something that affected my mind too, regrettably. You look at other projects and they all seem to moon while the one in which you went all-in (or you put quite a big portion of your money in it) seems to either stagnate or to go down and down and down…
To be fair sometimes you just fall prey to FOMO and you ape in a project that just seems good, but in truth you did not do your best to find out if it is a scam or not, if it is a future-proof project or not. You just go with the flow, with your gut, believing your intuition and your experience are enough to help you pick the next moonshot. Then some new type of red flags appear and your mind seems to refuse to accept the fact that you f***ed up. As a last resort it let itself be contaminated by one of the aforementioned `mental viruses`: `moonboysm` or `FUDism`. I suppose it’s like a self-defense mechanism. I think that there is only one way to escape from this trap: it is the madness of thinking with your own mind, of silencing the informational flow that bombards your brain and just think, ponder, analyse, until you get rid of the emotions to obtain some clarity. When the passionate fire sparked by FOMO is extinguished and your pulse is slowed down, you can start to believe that your mind might be a bit clearer, less prone to acts of stupidity. Then try to see if it is still worth investing or dumping.
Now… why am I blabbering about this on the Healing Potion property? Well… it is because I observed the same old tendencies in the HPPOT telegram too. I suppose it is unavoidable. More importantly, if you just check some things, I believe that the chances to fall into extremes lowers a lot. There are some matters that are simply impossible or just really difficult to check, but you can still benefit from checking if certain standards are met. So, if you think you too were or risk to be afflicted by one of these two extremes, try to ask yourself these questions (at least this is what I try to do):
Am I biased because I hold HPPOT? Sure. It would be a lie not to say so. But do take my endeavour as an invitation to dialogue. I try to stay as objective as possible, but I am also aware that this undertaking can never have an exhaustive result. A drop of subjectivity will ever slip into the mix. So if you have the energy and time to continue reading, here are my explanations for why I checked all the boxes.
1. Does the project have the potential of a moonshot?
A big YES. This is a reflective token: hodling leads to an actual increase of your initial investment. HPPOT is a CeDeFi project, with the particularities of a franchise: this means that HPPOT is at the center of a multitude of projects that will fuel its volume through different means (like a tax that goes directly to Healing Potion). These are only some of the reasons why I think this will grow exponentially in the future. Feel free to add more or to contradict me! I especially look forward to the latter! ^_^
2. Does the project have any utility?
Yes. You will benefit from holding HPPOT if you want to use the series of products and services that they are already offering. A lot more are on the pipe.
3. Is the project already producing income?
Yes. The devs are already earning from their products and services. This means that they barely need to touch the funds from HPPOT and a steady flow of income that covers the marketing expenses and other relevant matters.
4. Does the project try to solve a problem (a), create an opportunity (b) or is it a meme token (c)?
a. It tries to solve many problems, both philosophical (healing your wallet from all the scams from the space) and practical (creating a Bot marketplace for Telegram; being able to delete the coins you receive through dusting attacks; having a single-stop utility platform that offer all the things one needs for investors, traders AND other devs: Brewlabs).
b. It creates plenty of opportunities. The first one to come to mind is their future project Moonforge. This is what HPPOT’s Tavern Keeper is writing about it: `Moonforge will be the utility token for a state of the art crypto investment platform. We are using the etoro model whereby users of the platform can, if they hold moonforge, register their wallet as a public wallet. These public wallets are trackable and their investment performance will be available to be seen on the website and ranked. Other users will be able to select these public wallets to copy their trades going forward. This means that you will be able to see a list of the most successful investors and with the simple click of a button, copy their future moves. The public wallets themselves get rewarded in commissions from their followers, so this makes being a successful trader very lucrative. It also means that all that guess work for the followers for which crypto is the best to invest in is completely removed.`
c. It has the potential of a meme-token through its fantasy-inspired name and branding.
5. Is the contract audited?
Yup. More than that, the devs are already auditing contracts as part of the Brewlabs platform. By the way, one should always check the contract through token sniffer. HPPOT got a maximum score in low risk (so there is no risk involved in the contract):
6. Is there some creativity/novelty involved?
A simple yes would be an understatement. More than the franchise/CeDeFi structure, they work hard at changing the minute details of the smart contracts so that they are safer and more efficient. Join the TG group to check the technical details with the devs themselves. I’m no expert, I can’t check this myself, but others are. And until now, no one accused them of false claims. Other creativity? The fantasy-inspired denomination of HPPOT brought a lot of artists and art-prone investors. This is why you will find a series of fantasy-inspired synopsis for each and one of the weekly AMAs, done by Syre, the Tavern Keeper. Other than that… check these out: and
7. Are the devs doxxed?
Yes they are. They are from Australia and they also registered HPPOT there. Healing Potion is a registered company there.
8. Are the devs active?
Ha! Active enough to reply to questions addressed to them (and not only), but not that much so that you would ask when do they have time to also work on what they promise to deliver. More than that, there are the already mentioned weekly audio AMAs on Telegram AND video youtube sessions.
9. Are the devs hodling their investment?
They are not idiots. They already earn income from the services and products they provide. So yeah… from what we know they hold their bags (which are not bigger than other early investors).
10. Is the trade volume genuine?
Yes. I believe it is. I just got out of a project in which you could check on the BSC that several addresses bought and sold every few minutes to give the impression of a busy trading volume.
11. Is the activity in the TG group genuine?
From what I know and experienced there, yes. You can check it out to see for yourself.
12. Do the devs have a relevant professional background?
Again, yes. You can check their profiles and background on the HPPOT website and LinkedIn. There are also live video sessions with one of the founders on youtube.
13. Are they doing everything in their power to succeed?
Their interest in having HPPOT deliver quality products seems genuine. There is also the fact that they made everything possible to register the company, to respect their deadlines and roadmap and listen to investors’ ideas.
14. Are they open to expanding their team?
They already hired another dev and they also claimed that they try their best to hire the best.
15. Do they ask for professional help when their expertise is limited in a certain field?
Yes. They already did that in their marketing offers.
16. Is there a strong community that supports the project?
A small, albeit passionate community I might say. The overall atmosphere in the chat is usually something really rarely encountered in this space. Again, check it yourself to test that.
17. Is there the potential of exponential growth in the future?
As I asked if it had the potential of a moonshot (a massive, albeit rapid growth), I am also interested if a project will have the potential to go beyond the merely moonshot projects that mostly pump and dump. I think that through all its traits, HPPOT has the potential to not only grow exponentially in the short, medium and long term, but also to resist any market condition (it did survive the summer bear market, did it not?).
18. Are the macrofinancial circumstances suitable for investing?
Now, at the end of October 2021? Certainly. A massive altcoin bull market is believed to come.
19. Is the whitepaper solid and professionally written?
I’m gonna be honest… it could have looked better, but its content and the way it was written is top notch, in my opinion.
20. Was there a fair launch of the token?
Check the tokenomics in this awesome video: (you should watch the entire video, btw)
21. Did the devs renounce the ownership of the smart contract?
Yup. (This info is also in the video).

This is not a financial advice. I am just exposing the risks that made me make some bad decisions, how I tried to overcome them and why I am now invested in HPPOT. You should certainly do your own research (whatever that means for you).
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2021.10.24 14:51 Scoob1978 What's the most condescending piece of advice you ever received?

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2021.10.24 14:51 Ash032103 cupcake_irl

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2021.10.24 14:51 BankRollupField But Report: Can't activate FSD, No Wheel Icon

I downloaded 10.3 this morning and had one successful drive. Now the AP wheel icon doesn't appear. I've tried multiple resets, toggling between chill and normal, and swapping profiles to no luck.
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2021.10.24 14:51 Rammadeus [XB1] H: AriE25 Handmade and TSE25 Choo Choo W: Tattered Field jacket and Leather Coat

1:1 etc blah
Might be wishful thinking on my part but shy bairns get nowt!
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2021.10.24 14:51 guillaumemoffet Halloween-inspired music video by PL & Wheelie

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