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Darkrai - be online - 1680 3158 0192

2021.10.24 14:44 Riley-Spence Darkrai - be online - 1680 3158 0192

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2021.10.24 14:44 Chico_the_Great I was ROYALTY and this is how I die??

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2021.10.24 14:44 gobucks3 [WTS] new magazines, sling (OH)

selling some more stuff that I never used. All of these are brand new and have never been used and have just been sitting in my locker collecting dust.
10 new Okay Surefeed FDE magazines- asking $75 shipped for 10, or $40 shipped for 5.
5 new Lancer Translucent Smoke magazines- $65 shipped.
New Retro Caribbean Quick adjust sling- $30 shipped
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2021.10.24 14:44 Waste-of-Emotion I don’t want to change my college essay

My sister and mother want me to add to make essay how much I love computer science and how much I want to go to college. I think my college essay is fine the way it is. It’s about my struggles with feeling isolated and being bullied has a child, and how I began putting effort into changing my situation by committing to slowly changes like doing things I’m afraid of: like talking to people. My essay is about working towards improvement and taking things one step at a time. I really don’t want to sudden change the ending to computer science and saying how I really want to get into college. I do not even know if I like computer science enough to choose it for my career, I just choose a major I semi-enjoy. I’m pretty sure I’m going to change majors. My counselor said my essay was good so I don’t think it’s terrible. I’m thinking about just telling my mom I don’t want to change it and submit my essay with the edits my counselor did.
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2021.10.24 14:44 HARRYSACHS85 Chicken Kebab and rice with salad, garlic mayo and pickled purple cabbage

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2021.10.24 14:44 LenaRayburn Easy methods to Get Forward in Promoting

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2021.10.24 14:44 blueberry1237 How long until valtrex makes you less contagious (no active sore).

So, my boyfriend hasn’t gone down on me for a while since he’s been really bad with taking his daily valtrex. I really want him to go down on me in a few days- but is that enough time for the valtrex to make him less contagious? How many days until it starts making a difference? He has 500Mg daily doses.
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2021.10.24 14:44 playlikechampions Seven Lions & Rezz - ID (from EDC Las Vegas)

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2021.10.24 14:44 Rocktopus101 Dard Hota hai bhai😭

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2021.10.24 14:44 BriefComprehensive26 B R U H

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2021.10.24 14:44 phage_rage So I THOUGHT I could cook dinner in between cutting pieces for a project

Until my boyfriend found a scrap of fabric in his food.
Must have fallen off my shirt while cooking, OOPS!
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2021.10.24 14:44 SnooMacaroons5214 Does anyone have an idea of how many of the mummy dunks each skate shop will receive?

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2021.10.24 14:44 IncreaseVirtual5389 🐕 ScubaDoge🐕 Anti-Bot ❌ - 👑 X1000 Potential 💥go to moon 🌒

🐕 ScubaDoge🐕- ⏰ Listing On PancakeSwap ⏰ - Anti-Whale 🐳 Anti-Bot ❌ - 👑 X1000 Potential ✅ No Presale - Fair Launch🥰 - PooAds 💩 And Influencers📈 🐕Welcome to 🤿ScubaDoge🐕
Let’s get real for a second. With Shitcoin’s launching everyday and also reddit and forums being spammed with these garbage coins everyday. Its hard to see which ones have true potential in the mist of the rubbish that is floating around…
The token will be promoted by the community and will be a community project where the value is given by the community by acquiring
👀 Is it safe? 👀
🔐 If you’re still worried about being rug-pulled have no worries. We will be locking the liquidity pool and will announce the contract before hand.
🔐 Everyone will be able to see the contract and be able to decide themselves. All investments are risks. Only put what you’re willing to lose.
🔥 Are You Ready? 🔥
🏆 We want you guys on board, so make sure to join our social links to stay notified! We want to be transparent as possible. If you have any questions please ask.
🔥 We’re looking forward to seeing you guys!
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Why 🤿ScubaDoge🐕?
✅ PooAds Coming Soon💩
✅ Anti-Whale🐳
✅ Low Market Cap, Initial Supply Lock 🔒 Of Just 15 BNB.💰
✅ +5.000 TeleGram Members in less than an HOUR ready to buy!
✅ This Coin Is realy Hot, automatically burns 2% on each transaction 🔥
✅ Ownership renounced
✅ Locked contract
✅ Fair launch, all tokens purchased
✅ Holders gain more tokens via reflection
✅ Each transaction has a portion auto locked raising the price floor
✅ Contract renounced (token is out of the control of the dev team).
✅ 50% of supply "burned" at launch - halving the total supply immediately.
✅ Liquidity pool locked.
✅ Contract verified on BSC Scan
✅ 2 security audits passed - 3rd audit pending
💲Buy link💲
🏷️ Contract Address: 0xc3e6Fb1995b35348AcEAaa7A28cDBA272bCD708c
🍰 Pancakeswap:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xc3e6Fb1995b35348AcEAaa7A28cDBA272bCD708c
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xc3e6Fb1995b35348AcEAaa7A28cDBA272bCD708c#readContract
🔐 Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR
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2021.10.24 14:44 dmag13 Went with the Boise boys on this wet NorCal Sunday

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2021.10.24 14:44 cp20ref Skills Redux: Physics

What is the use of the Physics skill? This is how I "sold it" to my players.
Character can estimate what kind of stresses or forces will cause a structure to collapse, such as a power plant or bridge, how much gas is enough to fill a building but not flood the block around it, and estimate the speed and direction of moving objects.
Did I make them put points into it? Nope. But the Netrunner did consult an NPC physicist about what systems to malware into causing a power plant explosion that "looked natural". Heh.
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2021.10.24 14:44 throaway174881 How hard is it to get in the industry as a PA?

done a bit of research. the path i seem to like the most is the PA to AD route. im a senior graduating highschool soon so id appreciate some insight in to this.

  1. Should i do a film school if i want to go down this route? seen some mixed opinions online.
  2. will i be able to survive off the money from these jobs? I know its contract work so jobs aren’t guaranteed, but in general if i put in work will i be able to make a decent living later on and have enough jobs? My parents get pissed at the idea of me going in to the industry because they say i wont have a job and ill be homeless so i want to know how likely that really is.
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2021.10.24 14:44 RIPshrimpC What’s the most annoying thing your SO does when they’re upset?

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2021.10.24 14:44 ClayBeastCreation Big Dinosaurs

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2021.10.24 14:44 catdevrandom Facebook marketplace Fedex scam, but from a legit profile

Hi all,
I advertised an item in FB marketplace (in Europe) and very quickly got a message from a profile of a middle aged Polish woman claiming to be interested in the item. The message was obviously a scam: Google translated to the language of the country I live in (a language that certainly a Polish woman living in Poland wouldn't speak), everything written in the masculine, and the claim that a Fedex person would come to give me money in an envelope and collect the item.
I smelled the scam from a distance, but what got me curious was that the profile really looks legit: created in 2013, different photos of the same woman over many years, with comments from many friends, all in Polish. What is the modus operandi here? Did this woman have her profile hijacked? Or are the scammers getting really elaborated with their profile-making abilities? And finally, is reporting the profile the best course of action in case this is indeed a hijacked profile?
Thanks for your thoughts!
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2021.10.24 14:44 xd-Mocchaa Upgrading Center Back

My current centerbacks are lacroix and upamecano, I want to upgrade to kimpembe, what one do I get rid of lacroix or upamaceno
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2021.10.24 14:44 brooksyfoodlover Our blessed golden Hank is back home after nearly losing his life - 2 weeks in the hospital - foreign body ingestion and complications from surgery.

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2021.10.24 14:44 tbriz Is this a bug or feature... Teammate gets pinned by Hocker... But I get temporarily "caught" as well. Happen to anyone else?

My friends say it's happening to them too. Someone else on team gets pinner by a hocker, and some of us also experience up to a few seconds of being "pinned" (animation + not able to move but with no web around us) until, what seems like, the game realizes we are not the ones pinned and then returns us to normal state. Happens very frequently and I'm not sure if it's a bug or a "feature" of the already OP hocker juice. This is on ps4. Anyone else experience this?
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2021.10.24 14:44 cultist-of-heatless xbox isn't working with stream labs via pc

so i go the gamepass a little bit a go and no matter what i do i can't record/ stream anything any advice will help
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2021.10.24 14:44 Unhappy_Diamond_4860 Water Therapy & Water Natural Sounds, Soothing Relaxation Sounds. Rich Relaxation.

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2021.10.24 14:44 Necessary-Belt963 He followed me home ron

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