What I ordered vs what I got

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2021.10.24 15:02 AmbitiousBag09 What I ordered vs what I got

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2021.10.24 15:02 ThCaMe3mo You know

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2021.10.24 15:02 adac-everything [WTB] Glock 17 OEM 10 round mags (HI)

Looking for five factory 10 round Glock 17 magazines. Will pay $15-$20 each. These are going to be used for USPSA so doesn’t matter if they’re used
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2021.10.24 15:02 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Octane] [Grey Octane: Griffon] [Titanium White Bowler] [Black Plasma] [Lucci]

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2021.10.24 15:02 Allegedly_human I think it makes Kagero Princess Peach... Or Wario

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2021.10.24 15:02 LegendRavenx Serie A front 3

4-1-2-1-2 narrow.
Who should my front 3 be? (ST, ST, CAM)
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2021.10.24 15:02 BiffdByAdamWest AAD Raid "Essential" list

Hello HELLO everyone! The ALL STARS are back with another essential list! What do we mean by ‘essential?’ You’re going to have to listen to find out (spoiler alert - it’s in the dictionary.) Plus, we send a huge shout out to a friend of the show, Dr. Fukk from Thrash of Die. Sending only positive vibes, bud! Happy raiding, everyone!

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2021.10.24 15:02 armstrong369 I feel bad I lost potential DMT :'(

So I was doing an extraction and had the naptha in the jar sealed and when went to open it like you would a pickle jar and suck it up in a pipete, most of the naptha spilled all over my hand and on the floor, now I dont know how to get over it my mind keeps blaming me telling me "how could you be so dumb", "it was all your fault", "now look you wont have enough DMT to smoke", "you will have to spend more money on material" but theres this other part of me that says you can buy more and do an extraction, but you know at the moment when you do a fuck up you feel super down like that feeling you get when you lose a big amount of money in a game of gamble and you just cant get it off your mind I need some advice to get over it??
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2021.10.24 15:02 svanapps r/dogecoin - Both please!

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2021.10.24 15:02 LauriWarro [Store] Kato14-15, Dreamhack14, Cologne14 and other

M4A1-S | Blood Tiger (MW) - HellRaisers (Holo) kato14 + Fnatic Kato14 + MouseSports Kato14
b/o 150$
Dual Berettas | Stained (Well-Worn) - 4x iBUYPOWER | DreamHack 2014- only 9 beretts with this streak and only 1 of them (stained)
proof: https://imgur.com/a/Gi1pd2s
b/o - 120$
Glock-18 | Candy Apple FN - 3x 3DMAX | Kato15 + HR (foil) Kato15 - b/o - 55$
Glock-18 | Candy Apple MW - 4x IBP Cologne 2014 - b/o 50$
Glock-18 | Water Elemental FT - 4x 3x 3DMAX | Kato15 (1sticker a little shabby) - 40$
StatTrak AK-47 | Blue laminate FN - 4x NIP HOLO Cologne 2014 - b/o 45$
AK-47 | Blue laminate MW - 3x NIP HOLO Cologne 2014 - b/o 18$
StatTrak™ Five-SeveN | Kami - 4x Cloud9 Cologne 2014 - b/o 10$
Souvenirs Katowice 2014 - any b/o 20$:
Souvenir P90 | Sand Spray (WW) - VP+NIP+Golden Wolf (all foil)
Souvenir Dual Berettas | Contractor (WW) - NIP+CLG+GScull (all foil)
Souvenir G3SG1 | Desert Storm (FT) - Fnatic+LGB+GScull (all foil)
Souvenir PP-Bizon | Sand Dashed (Field-Tested) - NIP+CLG+GScull (all foil)
Souvenirs with IBP Cologne 2014 Foil - any b/o 20$:
Souvenir SCAR-20 | Storm (Field-Tested) - IBP+DAT
Souvenir P90 | Storm (Field-Tested) - IBP + Fnatic
Souvenir SCAR-20 | Storm (Minimal Wear) - IBP + Fnatic
Souvenir Nova | Green Apple (Factory New) - IBP + DAT
TradeLink: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=45973409&token=bEOoOcVK
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/zetsubou_billy/
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2021.10.24 15:02 Viridez [USA-MI][H] EVGA 1070, MSI 1660ti, x2 570 4GB, X299 Combo, H100i AIO, H115i AIO, 1440p 144hz Gsync Monitor, SSDs, HDDs, Lots DDR4 ram, EVGA 1000W PSU, EVGA 1500W PSU, R5 1600x Combo, Razer Siren X, Mechanical Keyboards, Misc PC parts [W] Paypal


Motherboard Combos
**All parts gently used and fully functional. All prices are shipped and fairly firm unless you bundle several items together.
How something is pictured is how it will most likely ship, well packaged of course!
Heavy preference to those who do bundle, just an FYI.
Due to the amount of items/shipments I will state that some items may not ship until Tuesday/Wednesday.. just an FYI
I think I took photos of everything but may have missed a thing or two.. let me know if I did and you want photos of anything/extra photos.
Timestamps: https://imgur.com/a/ckorMxz
Please no chats and comment before PM
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2021.10.24 15:02 Wes-tron Life is good when you’re cuddled up in a warm blanket on a rainy day.

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2021.10.24 15:02 ProducedByGenius [FREE] Smino Type Beat

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2021.10.24 15:02 _myth_o_logic_ Lez shoot some mfkers !

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2021.10.24 15:02 No-Director8505 Best places to get money, horses, weapons in Chapter 2

Title says it. I would like some money to but weapons, some clothes, horse stuff and maybe just some for camp. What’s the best way to get loads of money in Chapter 2? Also, would like a White Arabian- can I get it in Chapter 2? If so where? And finally, is there any good weapons you can get from missions or just going to specific places? Thanks!
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2021.10.24 15:02 Kirilizator Симидчиев срещу Чорбанов в дебат по НОВА

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2021.10.24 15:02 Few-Cartoonist-8801 Darkrai 6902 6157 9282

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2021.10.24 15:02 bobmonofree Vídeo mostra agressão de PM contra mulher durante abordagem no Paraná - policial derrubou jovem no chão, imobilizou-a e acertou boina na cabeça dela após ela discutir e xingar os militares. PM responsável por operação afirmou que uso de força foi necessário e que policial agiu 'de forma instintiva'

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2021.10.24 15:02 feelingofbliss one day more

bathing in the sunlight--
the gusting wind brushes against skin
cold and rainy, the day remains
never ending, it seems

the long days
the tired and lonely nights
the hope that maybe
‘one day, things will change’

tempering with life
balancing on the world's tiniest beam
‘one day more,’ you say, 'one day more'

those ‘one day mores’--
they’re pushing your limits
bringing you one inch closer to that edge
take as many steps back you think may save you
because within due time,
you’ll learn that it's all to no avail
you cannot flee from the fate that grasps you by your ankles
that controls you like a plaything

you’re forever stuck with the demon that observes you
in that brooding and sulky corner of your room
during the dark, cold and lonely nights

you may fear them,
but you’d rather have company than feel alone
because loneliness is all you’ve ever known
and all you’ll ever know

yet, you still haven’t learned, have you?
you blindly trail along people that peak your interest
just to be hurt once more

cut after cut after cut--
no matter how much people hurt you
you care
you care and you care and you care
you let them hurt you because you’d rather feel hurt than feel alone
you let them hurt you because even if you may not enjoy the pain, you don't want them to leave
you let them hurt you because if it weren't for them, you'd be alone
you let them hurt you because you find it normal
you find it normal to be hurt,
you find all those cuts, scars and bruises that have tainted your body and mind 'normal.'

laying on the cold and tiled bathroom floor,
you contemplate the reason you stay
tears dribble down your cheeks,
as your vision turns hazy
the frigidness of the night
and the rains that fall,

the blood slips into the cracks of the tiles
before you slip into a daze,
your mind so exhaustedly mutters,
'one day more.'
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2021.10.24 15:02 ImSquanchingHere77 If anyone is interested in these, I’m giving away 2 of these sets to two people at random. 4 promos and 2 coins. Free shipping, 0 BS. Just comment your favorite memory in your time as a Pokémon enthusiast.

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2021.10.24 15:02 Apexlegendsforlife https://youtu.be/cfLWRGTJtis

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2021.10.24 15:02 My_iphoneSE I dont have 250$

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2021.10.24 15:02 MatchCaster [Post-Match Thread] Matchday 9 | AS Roma vs Napoli | 0-0

[Serie A - 2021/2022] AS Roma 0-0 Napoli Match Info:
AS Roma - 4-2-3-1
Starting XI: Rui Patrício, Rick Karsdorp, Gianluca Mancini, Roger Ibañez, Matías Viña, Bryan Cristante, Jordan Veretout, Nicolò Zaniolo, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Tammy Abraham
Substitutes: Daniel Fuzato, Pietro Boer, Filippo Tripi, Riccardo Calafiori, Filippo Missori, Nicola Zalewski, Edoardo Bove, Ebrima Darboe, Eldor Shomurodov, Stephan El Shaarawy, Felix Afena-Gyan, Carles Pérez
Coach: José Mourinho
Napoli - 4-2-3-1
Starting XI: David Ospina, Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Amir Rrahmani, Kalidou Koulibaly, Mário Rui, André Zambo Anguissa, Fabián Ruiz, Matteo Politano, Piotr Zieliński, Lorenzo Insigne, Victor Osimhen
Substitutes: Davide Marfella, Alex Meret, Alessandro Zanoli, Faouzi Ghoulam, Juan Jesus, Eljif Elmas, Diego Demme, Stanislav Lobotka, Hirving Lozano, Dries Mertens, Andrea Petagna
Coach: L. Spalletti
Match Stats:

AS Roma 0 - 0 Napoli
38% Ball Possession 62%
13 Total Shots 10
1 Shots On Target 2
6 Shots Off Target 4
6 Blocked Shots 4
8 Shots Inside Box 5
5 Shots Outside Box 5
7 Corner Kicks 3
0 Offsides 6
12 Fouls 9
1 Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 0
2 Goalkeeper Saves 1
312 Passes 529
252 (81%) Accurate Passes 462 (87%)
Match events
19' Yellow Card for AS Roma
30' Yellow Card for T. Abraham (AS Roma)
66' Substitution: S. El Shaarawy for H. Mkhitaryan (AS Roma)
71' Substitution: E. Elmas for P. Zieliński (Napoli)
71' Substitution: H. Lozano for M. Politano (Napoli)
81' Substitution: D. Mertens for L. Insigne (Napoli)
82' Yellow Card for AS Roma
87' Substitution: E. Shomurodov for T. Abraham (AS Roma)
90' Yellow Card for R. Karsdorp (AS Roma)
90' Yellow Card for J. Veretout (AS Roma)
90' Yellow Card for D. Mertens (Napoli)
90' Yellow Card for G. Mancini (AS Roma)
90' Match whistled off
Player Match Stats
AS Roma
Player Rating Mins Shots Tackles Passes Duels Dribbles
Rick Karsdorp 7.9 94 0 2 32 7 2
Bryan Cristante 7.6 94 0 4 45 9 3
Roger Ibañez 7.2 94 1 3 36 9 0
Jordan Veretout 7.2 94 0 1 29 5 0
Matías Viña 7 94 0 3 26 9 1
Rui Patrício 6.9 94 0 0 30 0 0
Gianluca Mancini 6.9 94 1 1 34 8 0
Lorenzo Pellegrini 6.7 94 2 1 20 18 5
Nicolò Zaniolo 6.6 94 1 0 22 18 12
Tammy Abraham 6.6 86 1 1 20 14 2
Eldor Shomurodov 6.3 8 0 0 2 5 0
Stephan El Shaarawy 6.3 28 0 0 4 2 0
Henrikh Mkhitaryan 6.2 66 1 0 12 9 3
Player Rating Mins Shots Tackles Passes Duels Dribbles
Kalidou Koulibaly 7.5 94 0 1 68 8 1
André Zambo Anguissa 7.5 94 0 4 47 16 6
Amir Rrahmani 7 94 0 0 63 6 0
Fabián Ruiz 7 94 0 2 74 12 0
David Ospina 6.9 94 0 0 29 3 0
Giovanni Di Lorenzo 6.9 94 0 2 62 9 2
Matteo Politano 6.9 71 1 1 26 3 1
Piotr Zieliński 6.9 71 1 2 38 10 1
Lorenzo Insigne 6.9 81 2 2 43 12 4
Victor Osimhen 6.9 94 1 0 12 11 3
Eljif Elmas 6.9 23 1 0 8 1 1
Dries Mertens 6.7 13 0 1 5 1 0
Mário Rui 6.6 94 0 4 51 14 0
Hirving Lozano 6.6 23 0 0 3 7 3

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2021.10.24 15:02 terrasoph Brandy Melville Blair / Babydoll Top Dupe

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2021.10.24 15:02 autotldr State lawmaker calls for ban on live ammunition and real guns on California movie sets

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 50%. (I'm a bot)

A California state senator called for a ban on live ammunition on movie sets and in theatrical productions following the death Thursday of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins involving a prop gun fired by actor Alec Baldwin on a New Mexico movie set.
Sen. Dave Cortese, chair of the Senate Labor Committee, said he would introduce legislation that would ban live ammunition and firearms capable of shooting live ammunition from California movie sets and theatrical productions.
"There is an urgent need to address alarming work abuses and safety violations occurring on the set of theatrical productions, including unnecessary high-risk conditions such as the use of live firearms," Cortese said in a statement.
"Those working behind the scenes to entertain and bring joy to millions all over the world shouldn't go to set worrying if they will return home safely to their family. Our entertainment industry must do a better job of ensuring safe working conditions for our hardworking crews."
"I intend to introduce legislation that would ban live ammunition on sets in California to prevent this type of senseless violence and loss of life," he continued.
A spokesperson for Baldwin said there was an accident on the set involving the misfire of a prop gun with blanks, though it was unclear how that might have happened even while protocols for weapon and prop gun uses on movie sets are typically strict.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: set#1 live#2 work#3 movie#4 gun#5
Post found in /movies, /news, /AutoNewspaper and /LATIMESauto.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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