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2021.10.24 16:46 anhavva Tips voor het verwijderen van deze schouw?

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2021.10.24 16:46 Slide-Elegant IVF and progesterone hypersensitivity

I've developed what seems to be a progesterone hypersensitivity or allergy since I started IVF just over a year ago. I’ve been on Provera, BCP, PIO as well as suppositories, and all have sooner or later produced a slight rash, burning sensation on the skin that feels like nerve pain, as well as mild breathing difficulties.
After multiple cancelled medicated cycles, I finally got to do my first FET through a modified natural cycle earlier this month. My RE intended to skip luteal support completely, but my own progesterone levels weren't high enough on the day of the transfer (10 ng/mL, RE wanted at least 15). As a result he put me on one suppository a day, which I tolerated for 10 days until I started getting the rash, pain and breathing difficulties again. I immediately stopped the suppositories and got a negative beta three days later. Both my RE and allergist have now said that I can't take progesterone again, in any form.
My RE said it could be possible to use HCG shots as luteal support instead, but I have PCOS and am prone to overstimulation so we might run into issues there as well. He thinks the best choice for us would be to pursue surrogacy, but my husband and I are not really comfortable with that idea and it would also pretty much wipe us out financially.
I imagine this must be a pretty rare problem, but I wondered if anyone else in here has had similar issues with progesterone supplementation? Have you been able to get through IVF without it?
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2021.10.24 16:46 Unable-Airport-9121 Beautiful

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2021.10.24 16:46 kinghames took one (1) shower after a depressive episode and now im making plans to permanently change my life for the better

but first we clean 🧼
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2021.10.24 16:46 lfjwofje Just got my first binder!

I mentioned that I was considering buying one a while ago to a friend of mine and she bought me one as a surprise! She is the absolute best and I'm so happy!!
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2021.10.24 16:46 SumaStorms Where art thou Googly Eyes!? :((

I miss these little creative friends popping up!
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2021.10.24 16:46 Cacofuniegoo If it rhymes then it must be true.

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2021.10.24 16:46 StrachNasty Chad Henne has come in for Patrick Mahomes at quarterback.

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2021.10.24 16:46 JudithButlr Are we photo dumping?

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2021.10.24 16:46 bluethecoloris Vigil held for Halyna Hutchins as ‘super unsafe’ conditions on Baldwin film set under scrutiny

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2021.10.24 16:46 Woootrainer Darkrai on me right now!! 6106 7526 1801

6106 7526 1801
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2021.10.24 16:46 a-soul-flame [OC]Place of The Broken. Part 8

First part.

Lucy cried. The wailing of the frozen corps was a terrible whining gurgle mixed with the sound of shattering frozen tears hitting the floor time to time. Lucy had been given plenty of time to cry it all out and a nice homey room to do it in. Still the therapy wings minimalistic clean all white facility walls reverberated with the echoes of her ghastly cries. The staff of the therapy wing were unfortunately used to this, as many recently dead reacted very much in the same way. It was best to keep an eye on them until they calmed down enough to be reasoned with.
Many tried to repent and go over what went wrong in their life or they just snap at the absurdity of this reality not making sence in the slightest to them. Every new dead were evaluated thuruly and if deemed sane were briefed on what the afterlife really was like and how to ''live'' in it. After Lucy's cries had subsumed two staff members came to see how was she doing. Lucy huddled in a flower patterned blanket on the rooms blue bed which was half covered in frozen tears, which also continued on to the floor. Out of the rooms big window was a view of the Ring World, the megastructure tapering up in to a fineline and seemed to go into the white-blue star and the jungle continuing to the left for as long as the eye could see, the Ring Worlds wall being some kilometers to the right of them.

''-carefully- Ahem... -asking for attention- Lucy Clark, yes?'' The tall black woman in some sort of white and gray nursing outfit asked.

''... yes. -blank emotion-'' Lucy conveyed back at the two.

''-grim feeling- Hi. I'm William Anderson and this is Emma Bartley. Are you feeling any better?'' The shorter, ginger pale white man in a similar outfit introduced themselves to Lucy.

''-blank emotion- -thinking- ...maybe.'' Lucy answered.

''-sigh- You still have an afterlife here, if you follow us we will evaluate your condition. Then you will go to schooling where you can get answers to your questions you must have now. -hope- Does that sound good?'' Emma explained.

Emma for one didn't look like she was dead, or it wasn't apparent at first glance, as she had covered the slits in her wrists with colorful scarves'.

''-sniff- ok.''

Lucy and the two nurses made their way through the white halls of the building in to what looked like a therapist office, with wine-red and dark oak walls and comfy chairs as well. Lucy was asked to sit and start recounting her death and how had her life been like. After some hesitation Lucy retold what had happened to her and somethings from her life and family. Lovely mother and father how died ten years ago when she was 30 and two brothers that had their own lives and families by now. She being a single and having a somewhat failing artist career, her usual bad luck not helping her with either. Long time friends and extended family being mentioned only briefly.
And after some psychological questions she was deemed to be sane, albeit with hemophobia (fear of blood), a small alcohol addiction and stress problems, but nothing alarming psychological problems were noticed, which would need their own approaches to handle correctly. Emma was teacher, a guide to the afterlife, as Lucy was moved to another room resembling a classroom with a projector screen and a dozen other dead humans in various conditions sat at the rooms school tables, she began.

''So first of all, yes afterlife is a thing though it's not what anyone alive thought of it. The simple explanation is that this reality works on what intention a thing is meant to have, and when the thing changes or loses its intended purpose it end here. You all died so you lost the meaning of being you. All the dead, all thoughts, dreams and ideas are found here. This reality is more like a combination of a purgatory, heaven and hell all in one with dream physics to booth with it all. Some places are good like this, our city, but most of it is bad to say the least. As people can think very bad thoughts. Gods are here and are powerful beings but... they are all dreamt up and none of them actually existed in the living world, and that is just something you need to live with here...
All broken things and your memories exist here so don't be surprised if you find something you remember having, it actually could've been yours. And everything works too, even if it looks like it's beyond repair. Electronics run if they are connected to anything resembling a battery no matter if it has charge or not, hell, even broken screens make a clear picture, dull weapons cut like a razor even if you can't hurt anything with them, animals and people can have their head cut of or be in a complete mush and still be able to think and move their hole body, the stars run forever and planets are mostly what they looked like before they exploded or ''died'' in some other way.'' Emma began.

''-realisation- So... nothing has a point to it?... We lost it. We lost the meaning and are now here. -sad-'' Lucy conveyed to everyone in the class, the dead heads turning to her.

''... Many believe that there wasn't much of a meaning when we lived either. Or that there isn't more or less meaning whether you are dead or alive. Civilization is the only thing holding everyone to keep going and the same is here. I mean everyone dies at some point. And every human knew that, when they lived. Even every civilization ends, if not now then at the end of the universe. But they all end up here and continue. You can find a new meaning here doing something you like, helping people, meeting people, going on the eternal afterlife voyage... We still feel and still think, now we just... can't die again. You don't get tired or need to eat... or do anything... If you wish to not exist that is possible too... you just need to sleep away.''

''-uncomfortable feelings being conveyed around the room-''.

''But don't leave yet, there is so much to experience here. It's a literal world of memories and dreams. You can't eat anything from the living world, but the dream and memory food can be ''experienced'', and so is any memory anyone has ever had, think about that. -excitement- Knowledge about anything that has happened, ever! Anything and everything is out there...'' Emma explained.

''The bad things too... What happens if something or someone wants me 'dead' again, like shooting me or something?'' Lucy asked worryingly.

''Well you don't. The gods will literally protect you and even if you do get hit the bullet will make a hole, but you will just get back together, so to speak. You don't feel pain here. Someone can try to slice you up, but the cuts disappear after a minute or two without penetrating the flesh. In fact, and this is a bit disturbing, but all matter here is hollow, and not just hollow, there isn't any space in between your skin and the other side of yourself, or any object. There's no particles here only the intention of an object, were it a human, animal, a building, a planet or a star. Normal reactions don't happen unless you have a specific object with a purpose to make that reaction, like a gun firing a bullet. Or with you being able to think and move.'' Emma tried to explain to the dead corpses.

''- asks for attention- Okay... so ammm... what do we do now? I mean there is this big city you live in, right?'' One of the male corpses at the front of the classroom asks.

''Well like I said. You can find your own meaning. Cities like this help protect sentient life from literal nightmares and impossibilities that exist here in afterlife.'' Emma conveyed to the classroom.
''-desperation- You live here despite you all are dead. What is the drive in that? The gods? The resemblance of society? The promise of protection? If I can't die again do I even need protection? And if my life didn't matter than nothing mattered, and now nothing matters here either? I- I'm nothing?'' Lucy cried her feelings, disturbing everyone in the class.

''-being sorry for- Lucy... your not nothing. None of you are nothing. You all are sentient. You feel. You love. You can think and act. It's the afterlife. You can relax here. There doesn't need to be a drive. There didn't need to be anything in the reality, yet there is and we are the thinking parts of the universe. You have lived your lives and now can enjoy the afterlife, even if for a little bit. -melancholy- You can still chose to sleep away at any point, were it now, in a thousand years, at the end of time or beyond it. If it's your choice and you want to, we will understand. In the meantime you enjoy the afterlife. 'The life was worth living and the afterlife is worth experiencing in all of its glory.' as some human said thousands of years ago.'' Emma conveyed somberly.

The room was motionless.

''...-sniff- I-. Ok. I think I understand better now.'' Lucy said after a moment of silence.

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2021.10.24 16:46 kevinmcaleer Installing ROS on a Raspberry Pi 4/400

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2021.10.24 16:46 MysteryDrawer TIL A bomb made by members of the Weatherman was accidentally detonated next to where Dustin Hoffman lived.

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2021.10.24 16:46 657Westfield Dubai's worst flats reviewed against estate agent cliches buzzwords (3 mins - comedy)

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2021.10.24 16:46 Alisubtain Left or Right team? Top is how it starts, Bottom is in game

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2021.10.24 16:46 newchet Trish

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2021.10.24 16:46 ABMAK What SFW thing should never be sexualised?

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2021.10.24 16:46 hgrb22 Passmap: Tottenham 0 - 1 West Ham

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2021.10.24 16:46 BIG_Bold 26 [Friendship] looking for new friends

Well hello there people of the internet 🙋🏻‍♂️ So, short and clear, im looking for some friends, or just conversations in general, doesn't have to be long term, tho i would prefer to find a few friends (longterm) but beggars cant be chosers i suppose 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 Would be nice to have some silly or deep convos with someone at times. So uhh yeah, whoever wants to give it a try and figure a thing or two about me, or wants to dedicate themselves for the uhh... Undying and absolutely wholesome, amazingly extraordinary friendship then my dm's are open 😆 Anyone are welcome, i wont judge you by your looks or personality and age. You can be stressy depressy or someone who just cant shut up, or someone with a crackhead energy 😂 (that'll be a bonus actually) And if you're currious about me well then... Just ask me what you want to know, im an open book cuz theres no point in hiding stuff that would eventually come out with time anyways. So i hope to see at least 10% of ya in my dm's !
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2021.10.24 16:46 Dramatic-Stomach-938 [USA-NY][H] RTX 3070 TI BNIB EVGA FTW3 Ultra [W] Local Cash , PayPal

Hi, everyone! Selling this RTX 3070 TI. I just got it on October 22nd with the receipt. Selling it for $1150 for local, $1200 shipped. Make your best offer and do not be shy to reach out to me. Local zip is 11373. Prefer meeting up at a bank or police station. Need this go ASAP! NEGOTIABLE! Thank you!
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2021.10.24 16:46 AlyshaSlays My best friend and soulmate. Lost 10 lbs and fit in this! Can’t wait to lose more!

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