Probably gonna delete the ones I don't like

2021.10.24 16:50 Ragged_Insomnia-A Probably gonna delete the ones I don't like

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2021.10.24 16:50 Medeling_ I miss the old days of this sub redit

I went back and looked at the old posts on this server from like 5 years ago and I miss wen there were shmeji requests, cool tidbits, and queries of how things works
Now a days its just refferal links qnd I must say i myself posted my refferal link xD but its still like an absolute sea of refferal links but I geuss this is just what dis sub reddit is now
All I hope is that one day somewhere in the future of this sub we can go back, evolve, or at least reminisce how it used to be back then (:
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2021.10.24 16:50 Dillon_1005 Tiny Zak Brown is ready for the Austin GP! Let’s go!!

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2021.10.24 16:50 Asalamadama My neighbor is paying 16% less than I am, for the same flat. Wtf?

Hi. My rent is 180/week, their rent is 150. Flats are identical, same as renting periods. We moved in within 2 weeks from each other.
I have already contacted the manager, but it’s Sunday and i’m fucking furious.
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2021.10.24 16:50 Lilblackpigybank Help, 3 month old puppy eating its own poop.

Note: we have raised puppies before and both of our puppies have lived to be 11-14 years old so having a puppy isn’t new to us.
We rescued our girl puppy from the animal shelter a week ago. She is 3 months old and for the most part a good dog. She is still having accidents in the house but they are uncommon. One HUGE issue for me is that she full blow sits down and eats her own poop, it’s not even old poop. I’ve never dealt with this issue before and neither has my husband. I’ve googled and it says an environmental stress (which she doesn’t seem like she’s under) or a medical one. Any way to curb this other than to pick her poop up immediately after she uses the restroom? (We have a 12 year old dog living with us too and she doesn’t eat his poop)
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2021.10.24 16:50 Basic_Ad5635 Hey everyone I am selling my two tickets for EDC Sunday they are general tickets. I want 120 for both. If you are interested send me a massage ASAP .

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2021.10.24 16:50 wzoah trading 8.9m for 6 halos!

if the halos are less, i will decrease the price.
if they are above, i can add!

ill trade dims for individual halo(s) too.
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2021.10.24 16:50 HamishWarne Match Thread: Colo Colo vs Universidad Católica | Primera División de Chile

13': Colo Colo 0-0 Universidad Católica Venue: Estadio Monumental David Arellano
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Colo Colo
Brayan Cortéz, Emiliano Amor, Maximiliano Falcón, Gabriel Suazo, Óscar Opazo, Leonardo Gil, Cesar Fuentes, Pablo Solari, Marco Bolados, Iván Morales, Gabriel Costa.
Subs: Matías Zaldivia, Javier Parraguez, Omar Carabali, Vicente Pizarro, Bruno Gutiérrez, Joan Cruz, Jordhy Thompson.
Universidad Católica
Sebastián Pérez, Valber Huerta, Tomas Astaburuaga, Alfonso Parot, José Fuenzalida, Ignacio Saavedra, Felipe Gutiérrez, Marcelino Núñez, Fernando Zampedri, Edson Puch, Diego Valencia.
Subs: Fabián Orellana, Luciano Aued, Diego Buonanotte, Juan Eduardo Fuentes, Juan Leiva, Branco Ampuero, Vicente Bernedo.
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2021.10.24 16:50 Potatoboi54 Miitober day 24. Horse

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2021.10.24 16:50 Juno192 Estrenando piso en El puerto de Santa María.

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2021.10.24 16:50 anniebeadart (For hire) illustrator, logo designer, graphic designer

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2021.10.24 16:50 ShankieTheWizard Stop Building Manikins On Sylvanus Support In Ranked

It’s a literal meme build, it’s not good, it’s not viable and it’s not what your role is intended for. Building lotus crown and shoguns after doesn’t compensate for you sacrificing insanely good support starter items and their upgrades as well as sovereignty/gauntlet/heartward…etc. I get support to some people isn’t the funnest class, but just build right and be a team player. You fall off hard late game on sylvanus anyways, so a sylvanus with manikins is just useless late game. It’s all fun and games in casuals but in ranked just build properly and play the role you were assigned as it was intended.
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2021.10.24 16:50 imaginebreaker7567 Jean's character arc is one of the most underrated (and my personal favorite) aspect of the final arc

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2021.10.24 16:50 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - Report: YouTube filter bubble is worse for Fox viewers | CNN

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2021.10.24 16:50 butlerdragic Gordon Chang: Joe Biden's Taiwan Policy Is Now A Total Disaster

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2021.10.24 16:50 Condes2 Pliz don't let this game die!

So much fun playing this game, i see a lot o potential on it, its quite unique in gameplay, i hope the team keep working on this, optmization its a must to make this game survive and have more players, i know its really hard, but i can only hope.
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2021.10.24 16:50 Pandamonium231 Qweeest!

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2021.10.24 16:50 conspiracythierry Oh the hypocrisy!

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2021.10.24 16:50 jbthestone [PS4][Help] Dark Souls III - Cleansing Chapel, please put down summon sign

I just really hate this next part of the game at the Cleansing Chapel, I haven't unlocked either doors by the DLC guy. Still have to take that whole path past the spawning undead, and etc. Thanks!!
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2021.10.24 16:50 StyxWriter Why don’t people like Doreen? - A Character Analysis

I’ve seen a lot of people talk about their distaste for Doreen, typically in later seasons. I want to delve into why this character isn’t seen as highly as the rest of the original crew.
First Impressions:
The best place to start is at the beginning I’d say. The first episode opens with Bea, a character the audience can quickly empathise with. Most people can’t say they’ve been to prison and we can sympathise with Bea’s actions that got her here. We feel sorry for her and can also understand why she has done the things that she did. Bea acts as an audience surrogate, and as a result, we must take into account that the first scenes of new characters are going to appear outwardly cold or intimidating.
That being said, the first scene with Doreen shows us that she is caring, being a mother figure to Kaiya. Our impressions quickly change when Bea says “prison is no place for a kid”, upon which Doreen quickly turns to a more hostile and unstable character.
Episode 2 shows us more of the companionate side of Doreen again. We also are able to sympathise with her more as we get to learn her backstory. We learn that Kaiya isn’t actually her daughter, but also learn and understand why she feels the need to take care of her. We then also get a taste of her more unpredictable nature when she puts a shiv against Bea due to a threat from Will.
From this, we can gather that she is a person who is caring and sympathetic, yet also a little neurotic. We can sympathise with her, as her past is tragic with the loss of her baby, but it is harder to empathise with her, as her actions are often excessive or irrational.
One trait I have failed to mention is her loyalty, shown when she goes to help Franky in the yard. I will talk about this later however.
Character Dynamics:
With a character profile built up, let’s look at how she interacts with other characters.
With our initial lead, Bea, she quickly falls into a friend role. They are often seen in a trio, with Liz. This dynamic is consistent through season 2 and 3. My issue with this dynamic is that Doreen has very little to offer in comparison to Liz. Liz primarily takes the role of compassionate and caring to Bea, leaving little need for Doreen in this dynamic.
This dynamic is shared with Franky, even though Doreen considers her “family”. Franky and Doreen typically only have interactions that are plot relevant when Doreen’s interests or wants are threatened or opposed to by Franky (Garden project, Toni and Kaiya). Bea also gets this treatment in late season 2-4, at some points to a greater extent (Conjugals, Panic Button, Ferguson). These interactions are verbally hostile, or as some describe, “whiny”.
Her dynamic with Ferguson is interesting, however it is fairly one-sided. Their interactions hinge on the fact that Ferguson is projecting Jianna onto her. It’s also a dynamic the Doreen doesn’t actively want to be a part of.
Liz is the character that Doreen interacts with primarily. It is also her strongest dynamic with another character. Liz acts like a mother figure in relation to Doreen, and in turn, they both provide each other emotional support and try to correct each other when they step out of line.
As we can see, Doreen acts as a pseudo-foil to the leads. She can be friendly and nice, but also isn’t afraid to voice her opinion if she thinks you’re out of line. Her most prominent impact is on other supporting characters, but this is reciprocated during plots that focus on her.
Looking at these factors alone, the biggest issues so far with her character stem from her either not having enough of an impact on the leads we primarily care about or having a negative impact on them. You may have also noticed that, despite me saying she was altruistic earlier, her positive actions have little to do with characters other than herself or outside of her own interests.
Actions Speak Louder Than Words:
Despite Doreen being a very vocal character, she doesn’t actually do much herself to fix things, even if they are directly in her interests. Her “actions” don’t often sway from complaining at someone else to fix a problem (conjugals, drugs). When she actually does try to do something herself, it almost always is bad and makes her look far worse (bleach in alcohol, Getting Kaz to spy on Nash, Toni suicide attempt in slot).
On to Doreen’s loyalty. In episode 1, she leaves Kaiya with Bea to help Franky in the yard. This is one of the very few scenes in the entire show where Doreen leaves behind one of her current interests (looking after Kaiya) in order to help someone else with their own interests. If this was consistent, I’m sure Doreen would be liked more. However, in the same season, she betrays Franky by believing that it was her who gave drugs to Toni. This was because of Jacs manipulating her. Why does Doreen believe Jacs over a person she calls family?
This wouldn’t be as bad if it wasn’t for the fact that Doreen never learns her lesson. She consistently falls for manipulation (Jacs, Kaz) and never learns that her overbearingness and constant worrying leading to rash actions makes her problems worse (Nash). On top of this, it’s never Doreen who suffers the consequences of her own actions. At most, she gets shunned and apologises. Other characters are punished far harsher for Doreen’s actions however (Franky nearly gets ganged, Bea nearly gets killed, Nash is forced to leave home).
Doreen does begin to take action in season 4, however this is only ever as part of a group. What I find most bizarre is how she is harder on Bea than she was on Franky. Franky was a dealer in season 1-3, yet Doreen doesn’t have issue unless it conflicts with her wants. Bea is actively anti-drugs, yet Doreen is far harsher with Bea on the matter. She says this is down to her not wanting her son to see overdoses or addicts, yet she had no issue with drugs when Kaiya was under her care. She did also have the option to give Josh to her sister until she got out, so it’s not like she doesn’t have choices.
Scene Analysis:
There’s one scene I think is perfect to show why people don’t like Doreen.
After Bea tasks her with doing so, Doreen learns more about Jianna from Ferguson. Doreen gives birth not too long after, leading Ferguson to rush her to medical.
Later on, Bea comes to visit Doreen to see Josh. She tells Bea that she has found out who Jianna is, to which she responds that it isn’t important now. Doreen decides to tell Bea anyway, leading Ferguson to overhear the conversation and be upset by it.
Later on, after being threatened by Ferguson, Doreen berates Bea for the role Doreen played in acquiring information.
The issue with this scene is that the problem was entirely avoidable had Doreen just waited as Bea said. Sure, Doreen couldn’t have known that Ferguson was stood there, but wouldn’t it be much safer if she had just waited until she had gone back to her cell? On top of that, she’s angry at Bea for this despite it being her fault that she is in this mess. You can debate whether or not Bea is correct in challenging Ferguson the way she did, but it is incredibly frustrating as the audience to see events play out this way only for Doreen to react in this manner.
Despite tearing down Doreen this way, she is still a complex character. All of the Wentworth characters are complicated. (except Reb, he sucks). Doreen just had little going for her outside of her more negative traits.
Underneath it all, she has a neat little arc. After losing her child leading to her incarceration, Doreen grew up with a supportive family in prison. This eventually lead to her having a second chance with a new family.
I wish the writers had expanded on how other prisoners saw her. We are told that the other prisoners look up to her, but we never actually see that. Maybe if she’d played a more active role in helping other people, the audience would remember her more fondly.
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2021.10.24 16:50 greentape6 Shrewd adjustable V-bar vs.?

I’m wanting to tryout side rods angled downward. I currently have shrewd revels in 30” and 12” shooting just under 40lbs recurve. I am a petite female so weight is probably a consideration for me. I see shrewd have the atlas and a generic double vbar- does anyone have any views between these? Or wants to weigh in with a better adjustable vbar?
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2021.10.24 16:50 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - Facebook Oversight Board member calls for more transparency | CNN

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2021.10.24 16:50 TranslatorMaster3874 Anyone else also feels like there is a song missing?

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2021.10.24 16:50 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - Terry McAuliffe, Stacey Abrams warn Virginians that commonwealth could look like Texas, Georgia with Youngkin win | CNN

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2021.10.24 16:50 fanboyz Star Wars Garage

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