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Please friend me if you own this acc on Quotev- QwQ

Which mcyt (ft. Quackity) are you? Just a random quiz I made out of boredom. Possible results - Dream, George, Sapnap, Technoblade, Tommy, Wilbur, Quackity, Karl, Tubbo, Niki | Nihachu and BadBoyHalo. More will be added soon. Cover by "The Channel Without A Name" on YouTube! PLEASE don't flip on me because of a little word or so. Comment if I was TOTALLY off and you want a change!) Published February 1, 2015 · Updated April 4, 2015

2021.10.24 16:35 Nutty390 Please friend me if you own this acc on Quotev- QwQ

Please friend me if you own this acc on Quotev- QwQ
*Yes I'm musing Splendid + Splendont on Quotev now shush.
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2021.10.24 16:35 Username1046892 I feel so lonely and can’t eat

It was only a couple month relationship, if not less but felt so powerful and learned so many new things. I broke up with them for a reason and I stand by that reason for if I didn’t leave now I would have left for the same reason months down the road. I feel so lonely though. As soon as I come home after being outside and close the door to my place I get the feeling of dread and loneliness knowing I have no one to talk to the rest of the night. I can’t even eat. I’m used to eating a load of food. I can’t even take a couple bites or get myself to eat.
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2021.10.24 16:35 Brave_Exchange_1481 My fiance wants to end our engagement because of my "many" past sexual encounters

I am 30 and he is 34 and we have been dating for 1.5 years. Let me start by saying I'm from East Europe and he is American so sometimes there is misunderstanding but we work it out. But last week, a day before my birthday we were drinking a little bit and he asked about how many people I have had sex with. In my country sex is something not super serious, I blurred out the number (including him it's around 70-80) I don't keep track of things like this.
He says I'm his third person he has been with and got frustrated. I tried to tell him how much I loved him and how I don't think those other men mattered to me and he got angry and left. The next day was my birthday and he was so distant and showed up very late to my dinner. Yesterday he said he can't continue with this. I have no idea because my family in Ukraine and Georgia have plans to come to America and have purchased tickets for December for our engagement celebration and shortly there after wedding. I've honestly been crying alot I'm trying to tell him this isn't who I am.
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2021.10.24 16:35 MeanFace_Bobby Abandoned psychiatric hospital

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2021.10.24 16:35 CommercialBake8490 🐶CHUBBYSHIBA ~ The kawaii doge charity coin to end all doge coins. Renounced, Locked. 100% Safu. Percentage of proceeds go towards Animal Shelters that help puppies in need.

Introducing the forgotten brother of the SHIBA 🐶Family! This sibling has gained too much COVID Weight during the past year, and is now too heavy to shoot himself to the moon. Let's help catapult him to Mars.
LISTING AT 1000 TG MEMBERS, so go shill for the puppers! Shiba is ever watchful… and ever chubby.
This coin was founded by a group of devs who met over telegram, and shared a passion and love for dogs and animal welfare. With ChubbyShiba, we intend on making a DIFFERENCE. For once, you can have 100% confidence that not only are your funds saifu - but your money is going to a good cause - helping puppers around the globe.
Liq Locked, Renounced, Dev Tokens Burnt. Proof provided. As always.
We have big plans for this one, CMC and Gecko listings will act as HUGE catalysts that will boost our charity drive, and be able to save a ton of dogs.
This is not a pump and dump. This is a long term play, with a lot of love, care, and passion from a team of dog lovers.
🐕 Supply: 1,000,000,000
🐕 7% Reflection to all holders
🐕 1% to Liquidity
🐕 1% to Marketing
🐕 1% to Charity
Contract: 0xa400ade5ec813ba3c3de04b79971415baecb581b
Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xa400ade5ec813ba3c3de04b79971415baecb581b
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xa400ade5ec813ba3c3de04b79971415baecb581b#readContract
Liquidty locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x7e8Be12F8aaDE5f630F1f0174E8131f97c2151AA
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2021.10.24 16:35 Dank_Sinatra_Sr Females of Reddit, if you were to wake up male tomorrow morning what would be the first thing you'd do?

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2021.10.24 16:35 notreallyhere_poof I was recently gifted this Hoya Carnosa... I'm starting to notice white spots on the leaves. They don't wipe off easily. I'm not familiar with spider mites, but could that be what this is?? I can't figure out what else it could be.

I was recently gifted this Hoya Carnosa... I'm starting to notice white spots on the leaves. They don't wipe off easily. I'm not familiar with spider mites, but could that be what this is?? I can't figure out what else it could be. submitted by notreallyhere_poof to plantclinic [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 16:35 yeetlord1794 Repost

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2021.10.24 16:35 throwawayalaalla Anyone else notice less odor and less infections post op??

Didn’t realize this would be an extra benefit but it’s amazing!
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2021.10.24 16:35 Yt_JoseCerpa My ex and I

I started dating this girl on December 15th, 2019. I was the first real boyfriend she had ever had so I took it upon myself to be the best first boyfriend experience she would have. At the time I was of the belief that the relationship would not go past high school and my honest goal was to lose my virginity to someone I thought was special. ( because I wasted my first kiss when I was younger but that is a different story) so I was determined to lose my virginity to someone I thought was special. However, I really took my time with the relationship because I wanted everything to be perfect for me and especially for her since I was her first boyfriend. Our first kiss eventually happened and it was great. We had awesome dates, great laughs. We NEVER fought about anything. We always talked about any problems we had and dealt with them in a respectful manner always. It was a perfect relationship and she meant more to me than I ever imagined she would. Even if it was just High School, I thought I would marry her someday, I thought we were different. The day we both lost our virginity was amazing. two days before my birthday and it was honestly beautiful. It never felt like nasty sex it felt loving and great, it really did. I remember for my 18th birthday she gave me the best gift I had ever received. A Drawn Half Darth Vader Half Anakin Skywalker. What an amazing fucking gift it was, I had never seen something so awesome. The first full year of our relationship was flawless. Until January of this year came along. She for some reason started being rude and stopped giving any effort in our relationship. She would not even talk to me in public sometimes and I thought it was so weird. I brought this up multiple times to try and fix this issue as we had fixed other issues so easily. But she never fixed it. Never showed any more compassion, love never did anything anymore. She continued to be rude at times. For my birthday this year when we were still dating, she gave me a not very thought-out gift. It was tickets to see the conjuring 2. It felt more like a gift to herself considering she wanted to see it and I didn't really care much for it. I tried one last time to explain my thoughts on how she has changed. She then told me she was unhappy because I kept bringing it up, which to me makes no sense because I'm only bringing it up because I wanted to fix things and to go back to the way things were before. Is it not her fault she's unhappy with the relationship if she's the root of why I'm bringing things up??? sorry, Just caught up in a rant lol. Anyways. I never saw change and I told her to meet me at a park one day. I broke up with her. I never wanted to break up with her. I loved her so much. It was such an easy problem to fix, literally just start being a girlfriend again. It was the easiest thing ever JUST PUT IN EFFORT IN THE RELATIONSHIP. But I broke up with her...... and I was really hoping she would fight for the relationship..... hoped she would ask for a chance... I would have given it in a heartbeat. But she did not ask for the chance. Everything nice we had, I thought I would marry this girl and she never even fought for the relationship. all she had to do was put in the effort as she did before. We go to the same college now outside of our city. 3 weeks into college and she had already changed. She seems like a different person almost. She's such an asshole now. The first month here her friends tried to bully me. Obviosuly would never have happened if it weren't for her. Could she not be mature about it? So fucking fucked up and stupid. I had to tell her to stop and to tell her friends to stop and thankfully they did. now 3 months in and she already has a boyfriend. I have reason to believe that they have been dating for a while... maybe even since last month. It's so weird. She moved on that quick? had she forgotten our journey, what we have experienced together? Or did she never love me in the first place? maybe she never did. I am stuck. Did I make a mistake with having sex with her? Did I fuck up my virginity just as I did my first kiss? you think you know a person. lol.
Sorry if there are misspellings or weird comma usages. Can't be bothered to re-read this lol
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2021.10.24 16:35 Quasar_Ironfist Modern countermeasures to vampires, werewolves, etc

A truck-mounted UV spotlight would probably not be particularly healthy for vampires, nor would be something that lobs a constant stream of molten silver particularly conducive to the continued existence of a werewolf. Frag grenades with hardened wooden flechettes, silver bullet miniguns, holy napalm instead of water. What would a modern (or future) military arsenal designed to counter various myths look like?
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2021.10.24 16:35 SnooAvocados8726 The Most Underrated Mod From The 1800s?

A lot of older election mods are not played as much as newer elections so I thought I'd make a poll for this.
Question: Which mod from the 1800s is the most underrated? And what do you like about it that makes you feel it's underrated?
I'm probably going to do this for the 1900s as well which should be interesting since that covers almost every mod for this game.
View Poll
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2021.10.24 16:35 chenztakezbenz Gulf Coast Chems

What is your guys opinions on their products & shipping? I have a Clonazolam on the way just to test out for small batch of pellets. Let me know yall opinions on their service & if you still rely on them. I see their bottles on reddit all the time so they must be reliable ! 🌐
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2021.10.24 16:35 JustHereToBrowseLOL Language recognition in University

So I was doing some research and found out that I needed 2 IGCSE languages in order to get into most international colleges. When choosing language subjects we had the option of

  1. the native language as a first language (o level)
  2. French as a second language
  3. English Literature
I chose English literature since the Native language is pretty scarce and I was afraid of taking French and failing.
Do universities accept English Literature as a language or would they reject it? I am also able to speak my native language despite not having a qualification so is it considered a second language (I also took first language English 0500) If I learned how to speak a foreign language would I be allowed considered and would I have to take a language test?
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2021.10.24 16:35 xanderblaze123 21 M UK - Birthday on Halloween

Yes just one more week of being 21, before I turn 22.
I’ve accomplished a lot so far in life I guess but there’s been a lot of downs too.
Anyway I’m just reflecting on things on a Sunday evening.
Looking to talk, if you’re interested. I don’t really have any friends as I’ve been focusing on myself and work for the past few years.
About me:
I’m 21, from London, UK, born on Halloween.
I'm a Financial Analyst. Been working since I was 18. Also studying data science.
I'm 5'8, dark brown hair, light skin complexion, light brown eyes. Pretty lean
I’m pretty funny, witty, cheeky and be flirty. Love to throw around some puns and facts every now and then.
I’m pretty supportive and helpful. I can definitely be there for you and give you advice. I can listen to you about anything, you can vent or rant to me.
I'm quite open minded. I like getting to know different perspectives and ways of thinking.
I like working out and going on walks and runs. I like all kinds of sports and prefer playing them but mostly I watch football.
I like watching tv shows and movies. Also alot of Youtube. Into Crime, True Crime, Documentaries, Action, adventure, drama, fantasy, sci fi, romance and more.
Big fan of the LOTR, GOT, Harry Potter, Narnia, Star Wars, Avatar, Marvel, DC, Arthurian Legend and other Fandoms and fictional universes.
I’ve actually met Daniel Radcliffe, when they were shooting the scene for prisoners of Azkaban when the Night bus stopped as an old lady was crossing the road.
I have an interest in data and Technology, Psychology and sociology, Economics, politics, all kinds of sciences, philosophy and history.
I like all kinds of historical periods. I like to know how humanity has developed through the ages.
I read now and then. Think writing and poetry are pretty cool. I’m pretty good at wordplay and coming up with proverbs and quotes.
I’m into the arts too, I like acting and would have loved to have been an actor. I’ve done some Shakespeare in the past and have had the privilege to act in the Globe Theatre.
I like anime and manga too. Some times light novels.
My music taste is quite diverse, from Rock, Rap, Pop, Hip Hop, RnB, contemporary classical, EDM, Indie, orchestra, instrumental.
I love food, pastries and baked foods.
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2021.10.24 16:35 RepresentativeAd510 Pekka’s chasing butterfly’s?

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2021.10.24 16:35 TMwombocombo I think the GOAT is on my team

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2021.10.24 16:35 goldenhinde How to make hard decisions??

I’m looking for a framework on how to make very difficult, important, life-decisions regarding things like choosing a career path and deciding whether or not to stay in a certain relationship etc. Does anyone have any idea what type of decision-making framework I can adopt or learn to map put my process? Thanks! 🙏🏼
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2021.10.24 16:35 feliza-pdm snapchat @y.lzis für mehr💦 addet mich bin horny‼️

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2021.10.24 16:35 akamargospiegelman Feeling fucking angry

I’m meeting up with him on Tuesday for closure but finding myself really conflicted. I feel guilt for how I was in the relationship but so fucking angry for how he broke up with me. 5 minutes just before my mum arrived, no chance for me to say how I felt at all. He knew what he was doing.
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2021.10.24 16:35 IMatt- 1984 🗓

1984 🗓 submitted by IMatt- to dobrzekumpluulomny [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 16:35 thebuttinspector man fuck that bullshit lil uzi playstation >>>>

man fuck that bullshit lil uzi playstation >>>> submitted by thebuttinspector to playboicartihentai [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 16:35 RussianWolf007 [Question] Any animation speeding up tweaks?

Ios 14.3
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2021.10.24 16:35 itstrombonetime I hade a dream that a bladee song was in The Lion King

The funny part is that it's not an existing bladee song, My brain just came up with a song that sounds like bladee
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2021.10.24 16:35 Sa4db0i I think I have depression

The last year was awful for me - mentally. I've been feeling tired and dull for a couple of months now. Nothing brings me joy anymore. Things , that used to entertain me and make me happy , just dont do their job anymore... I dont know what's happening to me at the moment.
sorry for bad grammar
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