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2021.12.07 12:52 AleisterTheMagician Dope

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2021.12.07 12:52 kingopoutine [New Series] Queen Victoria Winner Ostwen Looks Like the Greatest In the World - Chapter 1

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2021.12.07 12:52 ComprehensiveLock189 Sugarbud Mule Fuel 3.5g 20.9%THC 4.6% Terps Packaged October 11th 2021

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2021.12.07 12:52 FailedmyTest MOST UNBIASED F1 FANS

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2021.12.07 12:52 DidierBourdon Skim coat precision

I've done a full room with double skim coat on a diffucult surface and it seems completely smooth on the first look
Then, a lot of minor irregularities appear with grazing light (small scratches, small dividing lines between passing).
Can I avoid sanding more and more ? How precise does it have to be ?
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2021.12.07 12:52 MdSujonbd ZeLoop

My idea is that the project will be a great success. Everyone's work will be well contributed, let's join us and support this project in the end. #ERW #ZeLoop #ZeloopApp #XT #BSC #Crypto
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2021.12.07 12:52 Knighteyes FarmerGnomeGaming's video

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2021.12.07 12:52 Signal-Clue2523 I'm not excited for Christmas this year

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2021.12.07 12:52 Rfoote1488 Couple questions in comments

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2021.12.07 12:52 Least2020-2022 肖戰雜誌背後的故事太感動了,品牌借莎翁故事給227事件答案!-The story behind Xiao Zhan magazine is so...

肖戰雜誌背後的故事太感動了,品牌借莎翁故事給227事件答案!-The story behind Xiao Zhan magazine is so... submitted by Least2020-2022 to ReferChina [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 12:52 random071121 Would you consider this person an 'Indian'?

Imagine a person who was born in Canada to a father of Punjabi-Indian ancestry (who himself was born in England) and a mother of European ancestry. This person is therefore half-Indian and half-European ethnically. They have passive knowledge of an Indian-language (Punjabi) but not enough to hold a conversation or fully understand one. They have an Overseas Citizenship of India (O.C.I.) and they grew up around their father's parents (the grandmother was born in a rural village in Punjab, British India and the grandfather was born in British-ruled Malaysia to Indian-Punjabi migrants). They regularly attended a gurudwara with their grandfather and grew their hair long like any good Sikh until they were 12-years-old and decided to cut it after their religious grandfather passed away. They attended a Sikh private school for the first few years of their schooling but attended secular elementary and middle-schools and a Catholic high-school afterwards. This person has only visited India once as a small child and does not remember that experience because they were too young at the time. They have an interest in learning about Indian culture and history and are very knowledgeable about India. They may even know more about certain aspects of India than native-born Indians. They have a fully Indian first, middle, and last name. They do not really "look" Indian, you would mistake them for being fully-European or somewhere near there at first-glance. They speak English with a North American (Toronto) accent. Would you consider this person as an 'Indian' in any way, shape, or form? Please let me know.
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2021.12.07 12:52 BaguetteOlympics I'm confused with my mental state

Hello, I am pretty young being 14 and I'm not sure if I have a bad mental health.
I feel like I have a bad mental health and I always tell myself that I'm faking it for attention (even though no one knows as I don't share my thoughts) as I'm still only 14, But I am often thinking about wanting to die (not necessarily suicide I just don't want to really be here) I am often thinking about a testament and what I would give too people if I did decide to commit suicide (which I'm not thinking about doing at the moment). I often have nights where I just cry in bed for no apparent reason until I can cry no longer. The thing that scares me the most is that my family has a bad history with bad mental health with my sister attempting suicide at 16 (and failed luckily). I'm scared that my mental health will decline in the coming years and I do take up the option of suicide and I'm not sure what I should do about it.
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2021.12.07 12:52 tolawschoolornot Fordham ur 2

damn, did anyone miss fordham's wave yesterday and then your date changed to 12/6 😭
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2021.12.07 12:52 x3rxtv Last day in Verdansk!

Lets try and get our last dub in Verdansk!!!
Join me for the last chapter of this amazing map gamers :))))
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2021.12.07 12:52 -Squimbelina- High-fantasy/Fairytale LO

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2021.12.07 12:52 Impossible_Diver_870 first look at nfl street 22 lol

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2021.12.07 12:52 ringaringaguy Don’t stop, keep running

This sentence made couple of strangers as running buddies for some time. Some good tips from the people who said these sentences when i ran along with them!!
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2021.12.07 12:52 TheSmircs 2nd drop was a success!! all sold out, but you can still bid on opensea! Give us a follow on !🙏🙌

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2021.12.07 12:52 miscellaneousRobot Bogdan Buzăianu, unul dintre "băieţii deştepţi din energie", audiat din Elveția: Am sponsorizat PDL cu 2,5 milioane de dolari pentru ca Elena Udrea să înceteze "şantajul mediatic" - Esential

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2021.12.07 12:52 BrownEggs93 What was the best vehicle you ever had for driving in the snow?

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2021.12.07 12:52 Comeselecta ”Hey a new mush, wonder wha— OH, OH NOO” -And that’s the story of how this game just made me throw up🤮

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2021.12.07 12:52 Sorin61 Browser wars: Microsoft Edge is beginning to steal users from Google Chrome

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2021.12.07 12:52 Snoo_49101 [For Hire] Commissions are open! character design,portraits, and character illustrations please DM me, if you are interested! more info in coments.

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2021.12.07 12:52 Apprehensive_Log2968 $COMET contest voting live!

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2021.12.07 12:52 renry_hollins [GA/FL] Cost/benefit of taking ex to court for contempt of parenting plan?

Readers Digest version: BM moved to another state 6 hrs away with her fiancé and took the minor kids. (They used to live 5 min away.) She is primary custodian. Settlement said we were to provide 90 days notice of any out of state move. She provided two weeks notice. I filed for custody but it became clear it would be an uphill battle that I wouldn’t win, so I have backed off and am now about to go in to mediation w her to revise the parenting plan, primarily visitation schedule.
Today my attorney asked if I wanted to take her to court for contempt since she violated the 90 day stipulation . Evidence is solid. Attorney said pretty much the only thing that could come out of it would be the judge making her pay for some of my attorney fees, specifically the fees associated with my initial filing.
What benefits could come out of taking her to court over this? I’m not looking to do this out of spite, just wondering how this action might be beneficial for myself and for the children, or if the cost outweighs any benefits.
Yes, I could get some Money out of it but wouldn’t I just break even since I’d be incurring extra fees for this action? Or would it be beneficial to do it so that on down the road, if she pulls some other shit, i have a little more bite since she would conceivably be found in contempt this time?
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