LPT keep your car parking tickets in your car for 3 weeks after using the car park (UK)

When you start your new job, you should give your employer your P45 (parts 2 and 3) and your PPS number. Your P45 is a statement of your earnings, tax, Universal Social Charge, and PRSI deducted in your last job. When your new employer gets your P45, they’ll inform the tax office so a credit certificate can be sent to them. If your tax is due to expire in April, your vehicle needs to be declared off the road by the end of April – this cannot be done in May as a new tax period has commenced. Customers can declare a vehicle off the road via www.motortax.ie or submitting a completed RF150 form to Offaly County Council’s Motor Tax Office. +$3.25 est. tax. LED Strip Lights RGBIC, Govee 16.4ft Bluetooth Color Changing Rainbow LED Lights. View more expand_more. Kitchen & Dining. $89.00 +$7.48 est. tax. Ember Mug² Temperature Control Smart Mug 10oz - White. starstarstarstar. star. star. 5,558. $99.95 +$8.40 est. tax ... take me. issue 459 / 17 – 30 december 2021 / £3. glad tidings we bling. issue 459 / 17 – 30 december 2021 / we wish you a merry christmas. beautiful, indie last minute stocking fillers

2022.01.22 17:25 zshah99 LPT keep your car parking tickets in your car for 3 weeks after using the car park (UK)

Not sure if this is how other countries work hence why I specified the country name in title.
Keep your parking tickets on you for 3 weeks after you have used the car park. Keep them in glove box etc. Sometimes car parks camera systems malfunctions and they will send you a parking fine. If you still have the ticket on you, you can challenge it and get the fine dropped.
Happened to me and this saved me from £160 fine. Since then I have been keeping the tickets in my cars centre console and discard them every now and then.
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2022.01.22 17:25 Hunny_CCB This is something I wanna try out from time to time so yeah (ˇ﹏ˇ)

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2022.01.22 17:25 Limpbreadstick1 Where to start.

Throughout my life and what many people think about is answering the question, "What do I want to do for the rest of my life?." This is something that I am personally still trying to answer but I have found a few things very helpful to direct me where I want to go...
The first one is working your way backwards. Many people only think about what they're going to do next and don't see the value of defining where they want to be in the end. If you could do anything, what would your ideal life look like? It helps me to write down a list of things that provide value to my life (ex: having a home, owning a business, helping others, etc.) If you are more visual, you can create a vision board or draw sketches next to your list. After doing this, I noticed that the next things I initially thought I wanted didn't correlate much to my end goal. It's important to keep in mind that these end goals change and morph throughout your life and that is 100% okay, you just have to continue evaluating what you want periodically.
The second thing is the importance of trying new things. The best way to better grasp your purpose is to try new opportunities. You will either get value from the opportunity, or fail and learn a valuable lesson by trying. I have noticed that when a change is needed, you typically feel stuck, or hit a wall creatively.
Lastly, reflecting on accomplishments and improving. It's important to be grateful and proud of yourself for what you have accomplished. This can boost your confidence and keep you on track for your goals. On the other hand, it is important to note (not dwell) on mistakes or places you can improve to better prepare yourself for the future. Allowing time to think can also give you new ideas and perspectives.
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2022.01.22 17:25 lavnyl Meet Henry. 60% ACD but 100% good boy

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2022.01.22 17:25 Jace2155 More problems than just a woooosh

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2022.01.22 17:24 EestiMentioned [/r/cryptostreetbets] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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2022.01.22 17:24 nick_decentralized Decentralized username registration on the blockchain

On January 23, 2022, we will launch a huge project based on the polygon network for the future metaverse. the registry of decentralized usernames. Until today we have images and videos of our property. But we were forgetting our usernames on the internet, on social networks, in our digital universe. Our username is our identity and until now it belonged to centralized companies
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2022.01.22 17:24 Trowayer I use alcohol to fall asleep and to ignore my family who doesn't love me. What can I use as a substitute?

So my boyfriend has figured out that I like to drink to fall asleep. While it is not legal that I do it, I do. My whole family hates me. He is the only one who loves me. I need help
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2022.01.22 17:24 CallApril Really enjoying this Mai Tai mix at the minute. Such fantastic and versatile cocktail

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2022.01.22 17:24 BeesechurgerJoe Overused tropes in villains?

What tropes make villains too basic?
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2022.01.22 17:24 Holy_Duck "Geraes", Me, Digital, 2022

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2022.01.22 17:24 ju4nfr4nlmao (re-upload cuz i forgot to put the image in that one) , here is the drawing of the doggo that is ... already dead :( , sorry for the low quality its was the better that i could get

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2022.01.22 17:24 Rafi_CPP Any easy filler classes to take?

Heyo, I just recently found out I didn't need some of the classes that I was planning on taking this next semester, but I still need to hit the 12 units. I was wondering if there were any easy filler classes available to take or if anyone could recommend any easy classes. Thanks! :)
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2022.01.22 17:24 Windrider560 Medical workers of Reddit, what are the biggest inaccuracies in things like medical dramas that most people don’t notice?

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2022.01.22 17:24 xpoem ADA withrawal

What is going on with the status on this? My transaction failed and why is it not back into my account?
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2022.01.22 17:24 nootonly Milyen könyveket ajánlanátok?

Egy ideje újra belevetettem magam az olvasásba és kíváncsi vagyok kinek mi a kedvence vagy tetszett neki annyira, hogy merje ajánlani.
A közelmúltban olvastam a Dűnét, Trónok harcát de a szépirodalomból is az Ember tragédiáját, Anyegint és Ady versesköteteit, szóval elég vegyesen.
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2022.01.22 17:24 Kangar I made bolillos after a post here about bolillos yesterday.

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2022.01.22 17:24 lampshadelixir How are you all doing with this pandemic?

I know at my store it's been very overwhelming. We had 2 weeks of unvaccinated staff being out. Now we are doing a 3rd week of vaccinated staff being out. I had someone come through drive and roll her window up while saying, "You don't want to talk to me. I have covid." This was our first day reopening the cafe and mobiles and I can't wrap my head around the awful reviews complaining about our store not being open and inconvenient for them when we literally have morons coming through who are sick.
Every other customer is hacking and coughing, most of them are not wearing mask (no mandate for my state). I have had all 3 shots and because I have not gotten sick at all, it feels as though I'm constantly picking up shifts and overcompensating for the staff that is out or that just stand around doing nothing when they have no drinks/customers.
I've been busting my ass, trying to stay kind and consistent for my baristas. Staying over on my hours when I know the evening shift is going to need extra help. I'll bend over backwards to help my store and I'll do it again and again just to help the others feel any sense of relief.
I love my job but why am I working 40+ hours and I still can barely keep up with bills, groceries, and my own medical expenses? Not to mention all the talk and articles about possibly getting less back on our tax refund because of the covid checks from the previous 2 years. I'm exhausted. I get home and can barely keep up with my own daily upkeep because my feet and back are so sore. I'm just so tired. And I know that I'm going to have to pick up shifts this coming week. I just feel like there are weights on my shoulders.
How are you folks doing?
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2022.01.22 17:24 piratepilates What are terms for 5 hour streaming window?

Start it during that time or start and finish during that time?
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2022.01.22 17:24 NeroPendragon dragunity deck

hey guys returning yugioh player here and i want help building a dragunity deck
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2022.01.22 17:24 ZestycloseContext713 What things are easier, than most of people think is impossible?

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2022.01.22 17:24 JitFighting Can someone help find this video i accidentally deleted it

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