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I think I got the pose as close as I could with MP-18+!

2022.01.22 18:06 heroicdani219 I think I got the pose as close as I could with MP-18+!

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2022.01.22 18:06 bibliophilia321 Ex joined the army and is suddenly interested

Ex bf (23) who i (20f) broke up with nearly two years ago and who I have not seen since then messaged me out of the blue asking how I was doing, and then told me he was in the army now, and said he misses me, etc. He tells me (unprompted) that he is not trying to rekindle anything but then goes on to talk about how much he misses us hanging out together. We had a good relationship when we were together, but I find the timing very strange of his contacting me, unsure what to think?
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2022.01.22 18:06 Meaningfulness How long did you have to save up money to afford your wedding?

How much was your wedding and how long did you save?
Getting engaged soon and will need to start planning what kind of wedding we want and who to invite to budget for it all. Looking at autumn/winter 2023 but if we can't afford it do we push back the date or do something more casual? Ideally not wanting to have a long engagement and do not want to take out a loan.
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2022.01.22 18:06 jjeg6804 Monsters vs Aliens is a treasure of memeable quotes

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2022.01.22 18:06 beingaboldbabe my no-poo experience and why I transitioned to low-poo (as an ADHD babe)

hi! my hair is fine, straight, frizzy and a little below my shoulders in length. I fell into no-poo almost 2 months ago. here's my journey:
— one day, I reversed shampooed with a low-poo and my hair felt INCREDIBLE. no build up, and it wasn't dry at all.
— next shampoo, I nixed conditioner all together since I had such great results with less product in my hair. my hair was still incredible, and I was able to reduce the amount of product I put in my hair afterwards
— I was having such great results that I decided to do no-poo and no product for about a month. I did one final clarifying shampoo, then started BS/ACV. there were days that my hair has never been healthier, shinier, frizz-free and all together looked and felt amazing. and there were days that were absolutely disgusting oil-wise. I'd hop back in the shower a few hours later to no-poo again. as a neurodivergent, I couldn't stand my hair feeling gross. I know it's part of the process, but I couldn't focus on anything besides how oily my hair was. it also took HOURS to dry. so I couldn't really tell until two hours after my wash if my hair was going to be gorgeous or gross. I'm honestly bummed I couldn't commit to no-poo longer (I see how it could be so so good for you and props to you if you've made it thru the rough phases), but I just don't have enough patience to devote to it right now
— that resulted in me taking a step back and defaulting to a sulfate-free, natural low-poo, and following it with a honey & ACV rinse. this method is a lot more fun and saves me a lot of time since I don't have to deal with the mystery result. I get a good cleanse every time, and since I use a natural shampoo I still don't put products in my hair unless they are 100% natural, like jojoba oil. it's a good happy medium :)
just wanted to share my experience! please share any of yours!
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2022.01.22 18:06 amykake My son’s 4th birthday cake!

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2022.01.22 18:06 AdRepresentative7600 Innovation Importance in Company`s Competitive Advantage

Today, many organizations consider change and innovation as defining forces of their competitive edge (Hana, 2013). Nonetheless, cultivating any modifications in the large-scale organization is a complicated process associated with a plethora of challenges. Majorly, they pertain to internal inertia and resistance to change. Thus, the existence of this phenomenon leads to subsequent failure of the Balanced Scorecard’s (BSC) implementation. To discover the working mechanism of the BSC and resolve this problem, the essay will describe the BSC’s initiatives implemented at BAE Systems. The company was created as a result of a merger of Marconi Electronic Systems with British Aerospace, and today, it is one of the largest defense contractors worldwide (Murby & Gould, 2005). With the help of the analysis of this company, it is possible to see that the change endeavor requires the management to pay assiduous attention to employee resistance, as it is one of the major obstacles (Yilmaz & Kilicoglu, 2013). Thus, relying on the right strategy can ensure the sufficient integration of a new cultural initiative and its acceptance. In the context of this paper, seven steps of the BSC’s implementation will be described in the context of BAE’s cultural change program to understand potential approaches to deal with internal resistance while depicting a central focus on stakeholders as a key difference. In the end, conclusions are drawn to summarize the main findings of the essay. Analysis One of the central factors that triggered innovation at BAE was the implementation of the cultural change program. Apart from starting gaining profits since 1994, the management of the company defined its performance as “lackluster”, and this finding required them to focus on the development of effective control and monitoring mechanism to enhance its financial position (Murby & Gould, 2005, p. 27). They clearly understood that employees were the main assets of the company, and dealing with their resistance was one of the vital aspects of the change program. To support this process, the management relied on BSC’s framework and developed a seven-step process, and it helped them reach the alignment of the employees’ actions with the mission statement. The initial step was to evaluate the company’s position in the market and depict its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). The second step implied involving senior management in the decision-making process to review the key elements of SWOT (Murby & Gould, 2005). After that, the CEO selected 130 employees to implement the project (Murby & Gould, 2005). It could be said relying on this strategy is rational since employees are the core of all processes, and achievement of particular goals is highly dependent on their commitment and satisfaction (Irefin & Mechanic, 2013). These initial steps assisted in creating a bond with the workforce and managing change from the employees’ viewpoint while dealing with resistance simultaneously. The third step implied creating a shared vision to understand the company’s direction and current gaps that had to be filled (Murby & Gould, 2005). This process helped determine the core of the company’s strategy that would be reflected in its BSC’s model. The fourth phase implied communicating the proposed initiatives to different levels of employees in the organization. In this case, the selected group developed value statements that became the enterprise’s BSC, and they implied that people were the main assets, the performance was a definer of success, partnerships were the future, and innovation was a competitive advantage (Murby & Gould, 2005). With the help of the BSC, these values, and continuous encouragement of idea-sharing, it was possible to deal with the potential resistance of the employees and create benchmarks for the company to attain. Logically, the subsequent step will imply designing long and short-term goals, as they not only help reach financial prosperity but also modify the organizational climate in the desired way (Schneider & Barbera, 2014). In the context of BAE Systems, the company divided the existent long-term goals into a series of short-term ones (Murby & Gould, 2005). It allowed BAE Systems to focus on individual aims and behaviors while using them as principal motivational drivers. Relying on this method helped the company control and monitor the implementation of each phase and ensure the effective application of the BSC model and its main initiatives to avoid internal resistance. The sixth step was the actual implementation of the designed framework. To make it successful, the management of the company created “value teams”, and it differentiated it from the original BSCs framework (Murby & Gould, 2005, p. 28). Along with a manager, one of the representatives of 130 employees was leading a group (Murby & Gould, 2005). Using this method was beneficial since it helped view the process from the inside while sustaining cultural change in the organization. Due to the vehement interference with the principles of action learning and research, this strategy assisted the employees in discovering advantages of change and innovation while aiming at organizational dynamics, flexibility, and commitment as critical definers of success (Abbot & Mayes, 2014; Buschgens, Bausch, & Balkin, 2013). Overall, it could be said that appointing leaders, who participated in value creation, could be considered as the most reasonable strategy when dealing with internal resistance. The last step was focused on finding a connection between the cultural change program and the overall organizational performance and success. As it was mentioned earlier, BAE Systems utilized the BSC and employed it to establish benchmarks (Murby & Gould, 2005). To understand their influence on the enterprise, it was necessary to find their effect on the financial performance of the company, and positive shifts in stock prices and revenues signified success. The level of change acceptance, employees’ attitudes, and the increase in market share were also discovered as valuable indicators. To ease and enhance monitoring and control procedures, the company used a “traffic-light system” to describe the status of the project with the help of color, and this approach is often utilized in the BSC (Murby & Gould, 2005). Overall, this step not only ensured the successful implementation of all processes but also helped react to resistance to change promptly. Conclusion In the end, based on the analysis of BAE Systems, the BSC framework can be actively used to deal with internal resistance to change. In this instance, initially, the company relied on its basic principles and established a seven-step process to determine values and support change implementation. Nonetheless, the CEO of the company chose an entirely different perspective while focusing on various stakeholder groups such as employees. Discovering the workforce as the central asset of the company and defining its direct correlation to the corporate financial performance helped the enterprise enhance its competitive advantage. In turn, this case showed the flexibility of the BSC while highlighting its similarities with the performance prism presented by a focus on stakeholders’ preferences. Overall, it could be said that BAE Systems is a bright example of using the BSC in dealing with the resistance issue and motivating employees, and I believe that their efforts paid off to a great extent due to their rapidly growing market share and financial excellence. References Abbot, C., & Mayes, C. (2014). Action learning for professionals: A new approach to practice. Action Learning: Research & Practice, 11(1), 72-80. Buschgens, T., Bausch, A., & Balkin, D. (2013). Organizational culture and innovation: A meta-analytic review. The Journal of Product Innovation Management, 30(4), 763-781. Hana, U. (2013). Competitive advantage achievement through innovation and knowledge. Journal of Competitiveness, 5(1), 82-96. Irefin, P., & Mechanic, M. (2013). Effect of employee commitment on organizational performance in Coca Cola Nigeria Limited Maiduguri, Borno State. Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 19(3), 33-41. Murby, L., & Gould, S. (2005). Effective performance management with the balanced scorecard: Technical report. Schneider, B., & Barbera, B. (2014). The Oxford handbook of organizational climate and change. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. Yilmaz, D., & Kilicoglu, G. (2013). Resistance to change and ways of reducing resistance in educational organizations. International Associations of Social Science Research, 1(1), 14-21.
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2022.01.22 18:06 Cepiix Are you or anybody you know afraid of frogs?

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2022.01.22 18:06 LostButFound69 EST/PC Looking for some Player 2's!

I play mostly in the evenings. I play just about everything, FPS, MMO, Survivals. Looking for someone to hang with and just have fun with whatever we are doing, even just talking.
Some games to name a few:
Far Cry 6
Rocket League
New World
7 Days to Die
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2022.01.22 18:06 i_cook_bits Enabling dashboard per Organizat ion

Dear all. Is it possible enable a dashboard for a particular organization via API? Thanks
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2022.01.22 18:06 Dat_kirbo What is this door for?

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2022.01.22 18:06 Rhudeman YB VS FEDS

I’m probably gonna catch whole lotta hate for this but Trump needa get back in office and pardon YB because Biden definitely don’t be fuckin with black folk enough to give YB a pardon like Trump did Kodak
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2022.01.22 18:06 Aframe- No gifts for the children...

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2022.01.22 18:06 __redruM ZT0392 Limited Edition Zero Tolerance from a couple years ago

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2022.01.22 18:06 slipangle28 Cost and Service Analysis of US-based Film Processing Labs

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2022.01.22 18:06 SeaTownPD What are some great lesser known TV shows with at least 3 seasons?

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2022.01.22 18:06 apoklinon Ακαδημαϊκή έρευνα, paywalls και Sci-Hub

Ποιες είναι οι σκέψεις σας σχετικά με τα paywalls σε ακαδημαϊκή έρευνα και αντίστοιχα τη χρήση του Sci-Hub για τη παράκαμψη τους;
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2022.01.22 18:06 KILOCHARLIES Changing a Will for tax purposes so my kids are beneficiaries instead of me, and then living in the house purchased with the proceeds?

My father unfortunately died just before Christmas, and again I’d like to thank members of this sub for their advice in dealing will a lot of the immediate stuff that needed to be done, it really meant a lot.
Currently I’ve managed to find and instruct a probate solicitor to manage things and I’m now about to go through the inheritance tax process before probate can be applied for. I‘ve valued the majority of his estate using webuyanycar for his collection of 10 classic cars and used a similar house buying service for his two properties. I’m hoping HMRC will be able to use these valuations as my solicitor is a bit unsure whether something so simple will be accepted, but it’s what I plan to dispose of his estate as despite being executor of the Will, I’m only a small beneficiary of it, with the lion’s share going to other family members who are happy to go along with whatever process I wish to sell assets.
Either way, with my minority share of his estate I am going to speak to a STEP estate planner (on advice from this sub) with the intention of a “deed of variance” so that my share is left to my kids rather than myself. My own self made assets would be far in excess of the inheritance tax threshold of 500k for direct descendants and it pains me to think that after all the tax I’ll pay, they’ll be subject to a further 40% tax bill for everything above it when I die, so there seems no point adding to that burden and therefore I plan adjusting my father’s Will so it goes straight to them now.
My intention with that money is to purchase a new family home at some point in the future. This would be in my kids names of course and therefore their nest egg as they come of age (they’re currently only aged 1 and 3). I understand that this is possible as I’m effectively investing their money but as myself and their mother can’t benefit from their own money, we would have to pay market rent to my kids to live in it with them, which is fine by me. I’m hoping someone in the sub might be in a similar position or have done this previously and would have any experience of doing such a thing?
Furthermore, the main beneficiary of my father’s Will is also dismayed at the amount of tax payable on his assets. She has stated she had an agreement with my father that when she dies that the money remain in the family (ie passed to me). Again I’ve told her that this would be subject to more taxation, and then yet again when I die and pass it to my kids. Ignoring the threshold it means that my father gets a 40% chunk taken, then she would get 40% taken from that when she dies and then I’d get another 40% tax when I die and leave it to them.
She’s agreed in principle to purchase a property with her proceeds from the Will (the only thing she wants to spend the money on) and put this in trust to my kids. She would live there until her death (I’m guessing she’d have to pay market rate rent to my kids also on this?) and then it would again be in possession of my children to either rent out, move into or sell, effectively skipping 2 generational steps and the tax bill that comes with that.
I’d be grateful if anyone has any thought on such a set up or if indeed it is possible to do it this way. My solicitor says he couldn’t see an issue but I should speak to an accountant and estate planner to ensure there’s no hidden issues that might arise in the future. I’m sure someone else has done things this way and has far more experience than me. Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.22 18:06 cbbBot [Post Game Thread] Army defeats Navy, 74-73 in OT

Box Score
Team 1H 2H 1OT Total
Army 18 47 9 74
Navy 40 25 8 73
Index Thread for January 22, 2022
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2022.01.22 18:06 snnakzoanwjo Future career/travels?

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2022.01.22 18:06 Bobmannn1 I like poker but can I like it too much?

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2022.01.22 18:06 curlyhaiir Scrote abuses and manipulates wife into thinking she is ugly and blames herself for his cheating and abuse.

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2022.01.22 18:06 thanos1000000 [19F] beginner trans girl looking to make friends

A little about me: I’m Christin a 19 year old trans girl from Israel (utc+2 time zone)
I’m a huge history nerd, I really love pc gaming (a gaming buddy would be really cool), I use the word cool a lot (and I mean a lot)
Hit me up with a dm if you are interested, preferably girls, preferably around the beginning of their twenties
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2022.01.22 18:06 Picasso85 Peloton Platform Heaviest Users?

I am working for information on the heaviest users of the platform - how much time per day/week/month do the top users spend working out? Top 1%? Top 10%?
I for one spend about 350 min/wk with Peloton content and would like to benchmark.
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2022.01.22 18:06 Personwhoisstupid If you could summon any real life warrior who ever existed to stand by your side, who would it be and why?

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